Helferline by Doro

At Doro, we are dedicated to helping seniors live a better life. We care about the seniors – they are our heroes. We want to make ageing an independent, secure and rich part of life. Today's technology can help. But we also know that many people today feel digital exclusion and that many people find it challenging to keep up with technological developments. We want to counteract this, since feeling part of society is everyone's right.

Doro is a proud partner with Helferline

in our unique collaboration we now offer you 30 minutes of free technical support for you in your home.


HELFERLINE has successfully created a network throughout Austria that unites technically savvy people and users seeking help. Not only are they an award-winning company, they also get 4.9 out of 5 possible ratings from their very satisfied customers. 

Easy to use service :


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How to use it