We make simple and smart products for our seniors!

Response by Doro

Puts help within reach

Freedom. Safety.

With a relative, friend or professionally trained responder no further away than a press of a button, seniors can live at home for longer.

Response by Doro is a new, easy-to-use service from Doro, created to give seniors and you as relatives extra security, every day. By pressing the assistance button on the Doro phone, the user can easily call for help. First the alarm contacts relatives, and if you can’t answer it is automatically sent to one of our alarm centres, where there is staff on duty 24/7. The service is available on selected Doro phones. However, you as relatives can use any iOS or Android smartphone.

While other security alarms only function in the home, Response by Doro is different. The service is mobile and functions when the senior takes a walk, visits friends, goes shopping, exercises – in short, lives life to the full!

  • Freedom

    Gives seniors the possibility to travel unaccompanied outside their home

  • Security

    First the alarm contacts registered relatives, then one of our 24-hour alarm centres

  • Safety

    Discretely allows seniors to feel independent for a longer time

How the service works

  1. When needing to alert relatives or an alarm centre, the senior presses the phone’s assistance button.

  1. The phone connects to the Response by Doro service, and makes a call with the loudspeaker turned on.

  1. The registered contacts are contacted with phone calls, text messages and GPS coordinates.

  1. If none of the relatives reply, the alarm is automatically sent to one of Doro’s alarm centres.

5. The alarm centre contacts the senior’s relatives or, if needed, arranges other assistance.

Qualified care staff send the help you need

If none of the registered loved ones can answer the alarm, it is sent to one of our 24-hour alarm centres, where qualified personnel assess what type of assistance the senior needs. It’s comforting to know that someone is always within reach.


To learn more about Response by Doro, watch the video below.

This is what you need


  • The senior must have a Doro phone with Response by Doro support
  • All users must have active email addresses
  • All relatives need an iPhone or an Android smartphone with the MyDoro app installed
  • All users’ phones must have valid SIM cards with support for calls and text messaging
  • For activation of the service: Mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection

Subscription terms

Terms for Response by DORO for consumers, 2018

The following terms and conditions is a summary of the terms of the agreement between you as a customer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and DORO AB (hereinafter "DORO").



  • The Customer must be a private user, at least 18 years old and with a registered Swedish address.
  • The service is intended for use only in Sweden and the terms of service are therefore applicable only for such use. DORO is not responsible for use outside of Sweden (although some parts of the service work abroad).
  • The agreement has an initial mandatory subscription period of 3 months, and thereafter charged monthly in advance. If the Customer wishes to cancel/terminate his/her subscription, then this must be done on myDORO.com.
  • DORO is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, availability, efficiency or correct use of the service or for use outside of Sweden (although some parts of the service work abroad). GPS or navigation data, including data about the user's current location, may be inaccessible, incorrect or incomplete. Use of the service does not replace medical care or other care.
  • The service must be activated by registering on myDORO.com with the necessary information required at the given time, including registration of a valid and accepted credit or debit card.
  • The service can only be used for one specific emergency telephone (senior telephone) or other Response compatible device, and it is only from this device that the alarm function can be used.
  • DORO complies with both national personal data laws and the new EU privacy rules in accordance with the DORO Privacy Policy (https://www.doro.se/privacy-notice).


Read and follow all the instructions for the service, including those available on the myDORO.com website.



Quick start guide

Quick start guide

This is how you get started with Response By Doro. We suggest that you and the senior go through the following steps together. When you start subscribing to Response by Doro, you get an activation code. Use this code to activate the service.



1. Register your MyDoro account

Visit MyDoro.com via your computer or mobile to create an account for you as a relative. The Response by Doro service is activated in a later step.


2. Invite the senior

Use the senior’s email address to create a pending MyDoro account. An invitation is sent to the senior via email.


3. The senior accepts the invitation

The email contains a link. The senior activates the account by first clicking the link and then choosing a password. This verifies the senior account, and the connection between relative and senior is established.


4. Activate Response by Doro

Visit MyDoro.com via your computer or mobile and use your activation code to activate Response by Doro. The service then awaits a confirmation from the senior’s mobile app (step 6).


5. Install the MyDoro app

Download the MyDoro app to your smartphone via App Store or Google Play and log in with the account details you used in step 1.


6. Confirm the service

Start the MyDoro app on the senior’s phone and log in with the account details used in step 3. The Response by Doro service is now confirmed by the senior.


7. Invite more relatives

You can now invite more relatives to be contacts for the alarm. You can also invite other trusted loved ones – for example, neighbours or friends living closer to the senior. But remember to ask first.


8. Test the alarm

To activate the alarm, use the assistance button on the back of the senior’s phone. To get a feel for how it works, it is a good idea to test the alarm in a non-urgent situation. It is also advisable to test the alarm on a regular basis.

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