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Mobile social alarms pave the way for seniors to live an independent and active life for longer. GPS alarms also increases the chances of being found quickly if the wearer gets lost. Read more

Remote monitoring

During the Corona pandemic, seniors have been living isolated. There is a need to provide care services in an infection-proof way. Remote monitoring solves the problem. Read more

Fewer and fewer people of working age have to care for a growing group of seniors. Is there a way to mitigate the so called "silver tsunami" with the help of technology? Read more

From walking frame to robots

Ageing entails major challenges for the individual, relatives and society. We believe that technology has an important role to play in adressing these issues. Read more

Transitioning from analogue to digital telecare is not without issues. Nevertheless, digital telecare has enormous potential for the future of social alarms and healthcare. Read more

how we can make our homes age-friendly

Your home is an important constituent of identity and self. It's a place of privacy and refuge. However, there can be safety challenges that living at home might entail for the elderly. Read more

An active lifestyle has shown to have a positive effect on people living with dementia. It can mitigate the symptomes and reduce the risk of developing the disease. Read more

Digital telecare

Doro has been actively working with Swedish municipalities to understand if they've benefited from the change from analogue to digital telecare. Read more