Easy mobile with GPS location and connected to alarm receiving center
Doro Secure® 628

Doro Secure® 628

Doro Secure® 628 is a stylish, clamshell camera phone that doubles as a safety-enhancing mobile social alarm. Everyday phone functions such as calling, texting and taking photos are easily performed thanks to widely spaced keys, large text on the display and shortcut keys to messaging function, camera and frequently dialled contacts. Doro Secure® 628 features loud and clear sound as well as compatibility with hearing aids (HAC). It has an emergency assistance button on the back, which when pressed will send an alarm to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) using Doro Secure® IP alarm protocol.

  • Assistance button

  • GPS location

  • Secure communication with ARC

How does it work?

Doro Secure® 628 communicates with the alarm receiving centre using our secure digital alarm protocol. It is supported by i-care® online and compatible with the Bluetooth® alarm trigger, Doro 3500.

This easy mobile phone offers many unique Telecare features such as GPS and A-GPS localisation, tracking, safety zones (geo-fencing), technical alerts such as low battery and switch off/on, safety timer and “Are you OK“ messages, as well as remote configuration.

What problem does it solve?

Regular physical activity is especially important the older a person becomes. Not only does it have a significant positive effect on memory, focus and reaction times, but it is also shown to significantly reduce depression among seniors – both experienced and diagnosed.

At Doro Care, we want to enable people to live as normal a life as possible for as long as they can. Mobile social alarms like our Doro Secure® 628 are paving the way for seniors to be independent and stay active longer.


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