Doro Visit remote supervision for a good night's sleep
Doro Visit, Camera

Doro Visit, Camera

Doro Visit is a remote supervision system/service enabling virtual checks as a more eco-friendly and less intrusive alternative to home visits. Using secure camera and communication technology, coupled with safeguards for protecting user integrity, Doro Visit provides a safe and reassuring way for municipalities to efficiently and responsibly carry out night time checks for a large number of users.

  • Less intrusive than home visits

  • Safe and secure technology

  • Fiscal-, environmental savings

Doro Visit

How does it work?

Doro Visit is a complete solution including highly reliable hardware, software and supervision service. The secure camera is easily installed where needed, and set up to face the ceiling or wall when not in use.

Similar to planning conventional home visits, the user, family members and service provider agree on a specific time window for when the camera is to be activated and the checks carried out. Only authorised personnel may perform the checks, and an event log keeps track of when checks are carried out and by whom. No images or videos are saved.

What problem does it solve?

A study by The Swedish Handicap Institute (Hjälpmedelsinstitutet) has shown that people who require night-time supervision are often made uneasy, resulting in them requiring further assistance.

The advantages of Doro Visit are many – the user feels more secure, the solution is discreet, and the local municipality benefits from economic savings and lowering its environmental footprint. Doro Visit is available at a fixed monthly rate and includes camera, communication equipment and remote supervision service.


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