Two elderly people holding hands Two elderly people holding hands

End-to-end digital alarm chain

From social alarms, fall sensors and smoke detectors to alarm monitoring: we offer an end-to-end digital alarm chain.

Both fixed and mobile social alarms can be connected to Doro’s alarm receiving centres. Since we can manage the entire alarm chain, our solutions are cost-effective, quality-assured – and they can be tailored to meet individual needs. We are also able to share best practices between our customers.

Senior couple having breakfast in kitchen with Doro Eliza smartcare hub on window sill

Safety at home

By connecting a social alarm and other products and sensors – to an alarm receiving centre, seniors can enjoy safety at home.

Safety at home

Senior man sitting on bench by a river

Outdoor safety

A mobile social alarm is about safety when leaving home as well as encourage seniors to move around freely and live a more active life.

Mobile alarms

Senior man in armchair reading a book and Doro Visit camera on bookshelf

Virtual checks

This solution is a safe and discreet alternative to physical visits. A camera is placed in the user’s home and activated at certain times, or when needed.


Supervision via camera

Young smiling woman in alarm reception with headset

Alarm monitoring

Our alarm receiving centres are available 24/7. We also offer cloud-based alarm monitoring, which reroutes calls to us when you can't to take them.


Meet our alarm receiving centres