Senior man sitting on a bench next to a river Senior man sitting on a bench next to a river

Outdoor safety

A mobile social alarm makes it easier for the senior to maintain an active lifestyle.

This flexible service can be adapted to the individual’s needs. You as a service provider decide whether the alarm should be directed to an alarm-receiving centre, a relative or care staff. The service can be set up as a mobile social alarm or a tracking alarm.


A mobile social alarm encourages and helps the senior to stay active and move around freely outside their home, while still feeling safe. The solution includes an emergency button that is directly connected to an alarm-receiving centre, GPS-based localization and tracking. It is also possible to set up ‘safety zones’ – whenever the user leaves the zone, an alarm is sent.

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  • Supports and encourages an active lifestyle

  • Adaptable to individual needs, and the alarm can go to alarm-receiving centre, relative or care staff

  • Alarm-receiving centre can view user’s location at any time

Smart features for outdoor safety

  • Emergency assistance button
  • Two-way voice communication
  • GPS and A-GPS localization


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  • Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing (‘safety zones’)
  • Remote configuration of alarm via web portal
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i-care® online

Our web-based service gives you an overview of your alarm tools. i-care® online is available around the clock. The service provides remote supervision and lets you manage and see the status, in real-time, of all your installed social alarms.

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Technology enabled care

Smart digital care solutions improve quality of life for the caretaker, and give care providers a better working environment. And it’s all for the benefit of both society and the individual.


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