Senior man in armchair reading a book and Doro Visit camera on bookshelf Senior man in armchair reading a book and Doro Visit camera on bookshelf

Virtual checks

A discreet solution that gives the user increased safety.

Doro Visit – that’s what we call our virtual check-in service. In essence, it is a safe and less intrusive alternative to home visits. A study from the Swedish Handicap Institute shows that people who need nightly checks tend to feel distressed by physical visits, something that often lead to an increased need of aid and assistance.


With Doro Visit, the user is supervised by a camera, which is only activated at certain times or when required. The virtual check-in is carried out solely by authorised personnel, and no images or videos are saved. While Doro Visit is discreet, it also makes the user feel more secure. For you as a service provider, it is a complete solution that is both environmentally and budget-friendly.

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Image of pamphlet about Doro Visit camera
  • Secure and discreet remote supervision

  • A complete and cost-efficient solution

  • Eco-friendly – reduces travel

The complete solution includes

  • Camera
  • Communication equipment
  • Monitoring by Doro alarm receiving centre


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  • Alerts to health care staff on duty
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Tailored adaptations according to user needs


A good night’s rest

View the video to see how Region Gotland uses digital night time checks to help their users feel secure and relaxed at night.

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i-care® online

Our web-based service gives you an overview of your alarm tools. i-care® online is available around the clock. The service provides remote supervision and lets you manage and see the status, in real-time, of all your installed social alarms.

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Security cameras

Already in 2016, Helsingborg municipality introduced nightly checks via cameras. Today, they can offer users – and their relatives – increased security at night.

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