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Man chatting with a younger relative. Man chatting with a younger relative.


by Doro

Keep an eye on, without disturbing

Does the distance worry you? SmartCare by Doro – smart sensors that track your elderly loved one’s movements at home – assures you that everything’s fine, and notifies you if something happens.

Sensors connected to the cloud

Sensors placed in strategic locations – like the refrigerator door, entrance and bathroom doors – communicate regularly with a cloud service that you follow from your smartphone or computer. The system alerts you if the pattern of movements is abnormal, perhaps due to a fall or if the fridge hasn’t been opened for a long time.

  • Freedom

    Give seniors the possibility to live at home for longer

  • Security

    The service notifies if the senior can’t do it themselves

  • Safety

    Relatives are notified if something doesn’t seem right

SmartCare by Doro

How does it work?

SmartCare by Doro is based upon advanced algorithms and is a self-learning system. It adapts to the individual to automatically discover abnormal behaviour. The senior’s movement pattern is registered, and after a couple of weeks the system has learned the senior’s normal behaviour.


SmartCare by Doro is delivered complete with a wireless gateway for home usage and smart sensors connected to the MyDoro cloud service. The sensors, and smartphones belonging to you as relatives and the senior, are connected in MyDoro.


Thanks to this cloud service, relatives get notifications, alert and alarm messages if anything happens in the senior’s home. For example, if the fridge hasn’t been opened for the last 24 hours or the front door isn’t properly shut.



MyDoro includes three different status levels – green, yellow and red. Green means that everything is OK and that here is no reason to worry. Yellow means that you should get in touch with the senior sometime soon to check that everything is fine. If the notification is red, it is urgent and you should make sure the senior gets help immediately.