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Smart features


Did you know your smartphone is also a calculator and a torch? It’s like the Swiss Army knife of phones, with lots of apps and shortcuts that can come in handy every day. Best of all? You always have them with you!



Believe it or not, most smartphones today have one. The same LED lamp that functions as a flash when taking pictures in dim lighting can be used as a torch. Very convenient when you find yourself in the dark and don’t want to go looking for your old torch.



Doctor appointments, lunch with the grandkids or a TV programme you don’t want to miss? Thanks to your smartphone you don’t have to remember all your plans or constantly consult your pocket diary. You can easily plan an event in the calendar and choose how far in advance you want to be reminded.



Forget doing the math in your head, or even using a traditional calculator! Most smartphones have a calculator built right into them! So wherever you are, you can just punch in the numbers to figure out what you need.



Your smartphone features a small, built-in notebook. Use it to jot down your shopping list or anything else you want to remember later on.



Adjusting the volume is easy using the volume buttons on the side of your phone. For other sound adjustments open the Settings menu. There you can choose among a number of melodies for the ringtone or for notifying you of incoming messages. You can also choose if you want the phone to vibrate whenever you put it in silent mode.


Flight mode

Your phone may interfere with an airplane’s electronics if left on during a flight. There is, however, an easy way to prevent this without having to turn your phone completely off. It’s called flight mode. In flight mode, you can still use your phone for things like playing games, etc. And on planes offering free in-flight WiFi, you can still surf the internet using WiFi even when flight mode is turned on.