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Couple on a golf green. Couple on a golf green.

Philippe, 67

Philippe needs a healthy balance between work and free time. He appreciates that Doro allows him to have good contact with both.

Philippe in a Panama hat, laughing.

“I think that my friends and I are convinced that the phone is so easy to use”

Philippe, 67

Part-time dentist and grandfather

I am a partly retired dentist. I love my work and the challenges it gives me, but I have recently cut down on my work hours to have more time with my family and for golf. During my newly gained free time I often look after my grandchildren and can spend more time playing golf with my wife, Michelle. I believe that it’s very important that life isn’t just about work.

I’ve used smartphones for a while, but I recently got a Doro phone from my daughter. To be honest I miss the conversations one had in the good old days. I am not interested in these “social networks”, but like that I can be available anywhere. Especially when it comes to an emergency at the dental clinic – now I can be contacted immediately. Outside of the clinic, Doro has made it very easy to make hands-free calls to my friends, family or colleagues when I’m in the car. I really like that.

Philippe playing boule.

When Michelle and I play golf I’ve noticed that the GPS app can help to measure the competition and I appreciate that. I also look at the PGA news with an app for keeping track of the score. It’s been very nice. And yes – keeping in contact with my family is great. My grandchildren live spread out over all of France, but now I can easily speak with them and see their faces every week with the help of video calls. That has been wonderful. Slowly but surely I discover apps that have been useful both for work and free time.

Philippe’s Doro

Doro Liberto® 825



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