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Taxi driver receiving payment. Taxi driver receiving payment.

Sid, 69

Meet Sid, a taxi driver in London who has downloaded apps on his Doro that help him at work and to keep in touch with his family.

Sid in a shirt and cardigan.

“I’ve discovered so much and it’s taken very little effort.”

Sid, 69

Taxi driver and grandfather

My wife Elaine and I live north of London in a town called Borehamwood. Elaine has been more adaptive when it comes to modern technology, but now I’m beginning to see the uses of it. My daughter thought I would never be able to get used to a smart phone, but it’s much easier than I thought. It really is a very practical tool.

I’ve been a London cab driver for over 45 years. I know my way around the city, but I still don’t know every single street in London. Construction, road maintenance and traffic are also variables I cannot control but are useful to know. With Doro, I can easily use Google maps on my phone instead of an atlas to know what the roads look like in real time.

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I’ve also downloaded some other applications specific to my line of work that help me get more customers. I can also take credit card payment via my phone, which is amazing. In modern technology we’ve come a hell of a long way haven’t we?


A smartphone has helped in my personal life as well. My daughter sends me photos and videos of the grandchildren and – though I’m not entirely sure why – my wife and I definitely communicate more. And now, after using Doro, I’m not afraid to try other new forms of technology.



Sid’s Doro

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