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Watch youtube videos on your phone


YouTube is a website where millions of videos, as well as clips from movies and TV, can be viewed. Here you can find just about anything imaginable, and search for things you would like to watch. After Google, YouTube is actually the world's second most used search engine. On YouTube you can find videos of people showing and explaining how to do things, which is a great alternative to looking up and reading a lengthy manual. What's so great about YouTube is that you can pause and go back or skip ahead in a video whenever you want or need to. Find and watch everything from how to connect a new TV or learn a new language, to how to dance the tango or brew your own beer. You can also find lots of entertainment and clips from TV programmes that you would like to watch again.


How to get YouTube on your smartphone

1. Go to "My apps" on your Doro smartphone where the YouTube app is already installed. If using another model, you may first need to download the YouTube app from the Play Store or App Store.
2. Tap Google to access all apps that are a part of Google, which include YouTube.
3. Tap the YouTube icon – a red and white “play” button.
4. Log in to YouTube with the same email and password you use for checking your Gmail (Google email). If you do not have a Gmail account, you can create one directly inside the YouTube app. You can also create an account in the Gmail app, which you find among the other Google apps appearing as a red and white envelope.



In the red field at the top of your screen you'll see a menu consisting of four icons: a house, a fire, a rectangular play button and a person.

When you start YouTube you automatically arrive at the Home tab (the house icon). Here you’ll find videos recommended especially for you based on what you've viewed before.

Tap the fire (or Trending) icon to see the hottest clips among other YouTube viewers right now. These are constantly changing as new videos are added or rise in popularity. 

The rectangular play button takes you to the Subscriptions tab where you will find a list of any subscriptions you may have. More on this further down.

Tapping the person icon opens the Account tab. Here you will find your viewing history – videos you’ve watched before – as well as any videos that you may have uploaded yourself. You can also find clips you’ve bookmarked for watching later (more on how to do this later on). To get back to the menu when a clip is playing, make sure you are holding the phone in the upright position and tap the centre of the film to make a few small icons temporarily appear. Then tap the "v" (down arrow) at top left to return to the Home position where the red field with menu icons reappears at the top of your screen.



Performances, instruction videos, news reports, hilarious TV clips – it’s easy to lose track of time when you discover how many entertaining (and often unbelievable) videos are available on YouTube. Some are made by businesses, and some by other professionals. But there are also many very good clips and how-to videos made by ordinary people who simply want to share their knowledge and teach others. If you feel comfortable with English, you are likely to find much more by searching in English. Otherwise, use your native or preferred language to find clips recorded in the language of your choice.


How to search

Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to make the keyboard appear. Type in what you want to search for or, to repeat a search you’ve made before, simply tap any of the previous searches listed below the search field.


One feature of YouTube is that as soon as you begin to type you get suggestions for what you might be looking for. Let’s say you want to learn about knitting a scarf, for example. By the time you’ve typed in “How to knit”, your full query, “How to knit a scarf” will have appeared as one of several suggestions listed below the search field. This is helpful if you are unsure as to how to formulate your query. Keep it short, as every word you type generates results. For example, your chance of finding relevant clips is greater if you type, "Knit scarf", instead of "I want to learn how to knit a scarf."


Once you have entered your query and received a list of results, tap a video that seems right. If you are holding your smartphone upright, the video will begin playing at the top of the screen and you can read more about it in the space just below. You will also see a list of similar clips that may be of interest. To make the clip bigger, turn your phone to landscape mode and the video will fill the entire screen.


Watch later

When searching it’s not unusual to find interesting clips that you may not have time to watch right away. To save a video for later, tap it so that it begins to play. Then tap the centre of the video to make a few icons temporarily appear. Tap the icon at the top of the screen that consists of three horizontal bars and a plus sign, then tap “Add to Watch Later”. Now the video is saved under the Account tab for you to watch later on. To find it, simply tap the person icon in the right hand side of the Menu field.



All videos on YouTube are posted via some individual’s or organisation’s YouTube channel. So when you find clips you enjoy, you may want to subscribe to the channels you found them on. That way you can receive notifications as soon as new videos are posted there. Maybe you really enjoy someone’s exercise videos. Or language lessons. Or maybe you have a favourite comedian you would like to follow. Doro, for example, posts many helpful tutorials and other videos on our own channel, which you can find by typing “doromedia” in the search field.


How to subscribe to a channel

Whenever you play a video clip whilst holding the phone upright, the clip’s title, number of views, etc. are displayed just beneath it. And below that you can see the name of the channel on which it is posted. To subscribe to that channel, just tap the “SUBSCRIBE” button beside it. That’s it! Now that channel, and all its latest videos, can easily be found under the Subscriptions tab.



Don’t worry if the video you want to watch doesn’t begin playing as soon as you select it. Often one or more commercials will begin to play first. Usually you can skip these after a few seconds by tapping “Skip ad”. Other ads may appear in a small box on top of the video you are watching. To remove them, tap the small “X” that appears at the top right of the box.