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Dancing woman with headphones. Dancing woman with headphones.

Madelein, 73

Madelein is someone who likes technology. She enjoys continuously learning new things and thinks it’s easy to discover new apps and functions with her Doro phone.

Madelein outdoors, smiling.

“With the new Doro telephone I haven’t needed to ask for help from anyone. It’s just easy to use.”

Madelein, 73

Aerobics instructor and DJ

We seniors are a very interesting group. We’ve seen so much and have been so many different types of people during our lives – I’ve never understood why people expect us to slow down now. I think it’s very important to continue learning new things and keep active. I try to learn as much as possible. I think it’s good for the brain.

I became a widow when I was 62 and my mother passed away a few months later. I noticed that I felt better and became happier by keeping active, so I started aerobics and became involved in music. In the end I became both a DJ and an aerobics instructor. Now, at 73 years of age, I have my own disco in Stockholm and I’m pretty sure that I’m the only DJ in the world who lives in a senior residence.

I’m not a stranger to technology, because it has so many benefits. I love it. I used to have a smartphone, but now I only use my Doro. My Doro phone is much more user friendly and helps me discover new things, both at work and in my private life. Now I can easily find and use music programs for my DJing. It also helps me that I can contact my daughter whenever and wherever without any extra cost, even though she doesn’t live in Sweden.


Keeping in touch is very important to me and Doro makes it simpler. Technology makes me feel more vibrant. I could never have imagined that my life would be as fantastic, fun and happy as it is today. I have all the opportunity in the world. I enjoy being a senior in this day and age. I think it’s wonderful.

Madelein’s Doro

Doro Liberto® 825



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