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Time for an easier life?

Time for a phone with clearer sound and larger text? One that’s protected if it falls, can alert if you do – and gives your loved ones peace of mind? We recommend Doro 8050. A typical smartphone at first glance, but specially developed to help with the challenges that can come with age.


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It’s easy to use

Never had a smartphone before? No worries. Our patented interface means it’s very easy to use. The first time you turn on your phone, a step-by-step guide helps you set it up to best suit your sight and hearing, while providing helpful tips for using your new phone. After that it’s intuitive. And if you still need it, your close contacts can provide help remotely via the MyDoro app.

It’s all in the details

Not just bigger text, but bigger icons. Not just boosted sound, but frequencies that are tuned for older ears. Not just better grip, but shock resistant. With Doro’s own easy-to-use interface (and easy-to-find assistance button) Doro 8050 is developed for those in search of a no-frills safe and simple option.

  • SIGHT – Big, clear, high-contrast screen. Set it up to so it perfectly suits your eyes when you get it, then adjust the text size if your sight should change over time.
  • HEARING – Extra loud sound with boosted high frequencies and filtered background noise. It’s also hearing-aid friendly.
  • MOTOR SKILLS – Easy-grip surface, rubberised back, rounded corners and raised edges to protect the screen.

Reassures loved ones

They worry if you don’t answer calls or texts. A special app lets close friends and family members access to your Doro 8050 – if you wish. They can see if the battery has run out or if the phone is set to silent. You can also connect their phone numbers directly to the assistance button, so you can easily alert and call them – and automatically send GPS coordinates if something urgent happens.

  • PEACE OF MIND – MyDoro lets your close contacts help with installation. The assistance button which contacts them can also be connected to Doro’s security services.

Doro adapts with you

Fortunately, the changes associated with aging don’t all show up at once. Doro lets you make use of new services when you need them. Here you can read more about the security services we offer to help seniors live at home, independently and for as long as possible


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