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Carte SIM / carte SD

Où dois-je insérer une carte SIM ?

Retirer le logement des cartes SIM/mémoire

  • Utilisez un ongle ou un objet similaire pour tirer doucement le logement à carte SIM/mémoire.

Insérer la ou les carte(s)

  • Placez la carte nano-SIM dans l'emplacement approprié du logement pour vous assurer qu'elle peut être reconnue par le téléphone.
  • Vérifiez que les contacts de la carte SIM sont orientés vers le bas et que le coin biseauté est positionné vers le bas, comme illustré.
  • Attention à ne pas rayer ni tordre les contacts de la carte SIM.

  • Réinsérez le logement pour carte SIM dans la fente prévue à cet effet.

Quelle taille de carte SIM dois-je utiliser avec mon téléphone ?

[to translate] There are three different sizes of SIM-card used in mobile phones; Mini-SIM (2FF), Micro-SIM (3FF) and Nano-SIM (4FF). All phones are developed for a specific size, therefor only one of these sizes will fit your phone.

The size for your phone can be found on Doros website or the more information section of every model or in the user manual.

If your SIM card is the wrong size please contact your network operator for assistance.

Où dois-je insérer ma carte mémoire (carte SD)?

Retirer le logement des cartes SIM/mémoire

  • Utilisez un ongle ou un objet similaire pour tirer doucement le logement à carte SIM/mémoire.

Insert the card(s)

  • Placez la carte SD-card dans l'emplacement approprié du logement pour vous assurer qu'elle peut être reconnue par le téléphone.
  • Vérifiez que les contacts de la carte mémoire sont tournés vers le bas, comme illustré.
  • Types de cartes compatibles : microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC.

  • Réinsérez le logement pour carte SIM dans la fente prévue à cet effet.

Charger le téléphone

Comment charger mon téléphone portable ?

[to translate] You charge your phone by connecting your USB cable to the adapter and the connect the adapter to a power socket.

Then connect the other end of the USB cable to the phone or a charging cradle.

À quelle fréquence puis-je charger mon téléphone ?

[to translate] It's a common misconception that you need to let your phone discharge completely before charging it again and that you need to charge it to 100% every time. And that if this isn't done the battery drastically decresses in capacity.

For Lithium-Ion batteries this is not the case, this type of battery is used in all Doro mobile phones. You can charge your phone when you need to.

Puis-je laisser mon téléphone charger sur son socle sans risquer de réduire la capacité de la batterie ?

[to translate] The battery lifetime is limited however keeping your phone in the charging cradle for long periods of time will have a limited effect on this.

Pourquoi l'écran de chargement du téléphone ne s'affiche-t-il pas lorsque le chargeur est branché sur le téléphone ?

[to translate] If the display don't light up instantly when connecting the charger the battery is completly empty, in this case let the phone be connected for 20 minutes and the display will have been switched on.

Comment charger mon téléphone portable sans utiliser le socle-chargeur ?

[to translate] You can charge your phone by connecting it directly to the USB cable or by connecting a charging cradle and putting the phone in the charging cradle.

To charge the phone without the cradle you use the same cable, disconnect the cable from cradle and plug it into the phone.

La durée de vie de la batterie de mon téléphone n’est pas ce qu’elle devrait être sur mon téléphone, pourquoi ?

[to translate] It is common practice with mobile phone manufacturers to test all phones in laboratories and to then publish the results. These tests are performed with the phone switched on, without any manipulations, under good network reception conditions, in other words optimal conditions. The measurements obtained reflect the maximum performance of the product, thus providing a benchmark, enabling it to be compared to other models and brands.

When you use a mobile phone, you will not always have perfect reception, you move around, you use Bluetooth or Wifi, and you use it to communicate, but maybe as well to listen to the radio or to take pictures with it etc. All of these factors and others affect the battery life time per charge.

It's also important to know that a battery will not obtain its full performance until after a few recharges.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Problème pour allumer / éteindre le téléphone

Pourquoi mon téléphone ne démarre-t-il pas lorsque je clique sur le bouton d'alimentation?

[to translate] If your phone won't start when clicking the power button the battery is depleted and needs to be charged. Connect your charger and charge until fully charged.

If the display don't light up instantly when connecting the charger the battery is completly empty, in this case let the phone be connected for 20 minutes and the display will have been switched on.

Comment redémarrer mon téléphone lorsque l'écran est figé ??

[to translate] If your phone has an embedded battery you can reboot your phone by pressing and holding Power button + Volume up button for 10 seconds or until the display turns itself off. Release the buttons when display goes black.

If your phone doesn't have an embedded battery you can remove the battery cover and battery, then reinsert battery and start the phone again by the power button.

Configurer le téléphone

Comment activer le mode compatibilité avec les aides auditives sur mon téléphone ?

Si vous utilisez une prothèse auditive ou si vous éprouvez des difficultés à entendre lorsque vous utilisez le téléphone dans un endroit bruyant, vous pouvez ajuster les réglages audio du téléphone.

Depuis l'écran d'accueil, appuyez sur Régler > Une option audio.
Appuyez pour sélectionner :
Normal pour une acuité auditive normale en conditions normales.
Optimisé pour une perte modérée de l'acuité auditive ou une utilisation dans un environnement bruyant.
Mode HAC pour une utilisation conjointement à une prothèse auditive.

Comment configurer le bouton d'assistance ?

[to translate] The assistance button is managed by MyDoro app. To configure it you have 2 solutions:

  • Go to your appdrawer by swiping up from your homescreen, and search the app "MyDoro"
  • OR go to Set -> An assistance option -> My assistance button > MyDoro app opens.

You need to create an account into the app and to invite at least one of your relative (which will receive the alerts if you press on the button) to finish the configuration.

Compte Google

Ai-je besoin d'un compte Google pour pouvoir utiliser mon smartphone ?

[to translate] You don't need a Google account to use the basic functions of the phone, for example phone calls, sending and receiving SMS/MMS or surfing the web.

However to be able to download apps a Google account is needed. There are other reasons aswell but this is one of the more essential functions of a smart phone which need this type of account.

Connecter le téléphone

Comment se connecter à un point d'accès Wifi ou à un hotspot ?

[to translate] To connect to a Wifi access point or hotspot you need to be in range and if it's protected you need to know the password.

To connect to a Wifi access point or hotspot during the initial start up guide select it, enter the password and select Save/Connect.

To connect to a Wifi access point or hotspot at a later stage:

  • Press on Set from your homescreen
  • My internet connection
  • Wifi
  • Select your access point or hotspot + Enter password
  • Select Connect.

Your phone will now connect, if this doesn't work check that you have the correct password.

Comment activer / désactiver le Bluetooth ?

[to translate] You can connect wirelessly to other Bluetooth® compatible devices such as headsets or other phones.
Note! Bluetooth can use a lot of battery power. Don’t forget to turn off when not using.

  • From the Home screen, tap Set
  • My other connections
  • The Bluetooth connection
  • Connection preferences Bluetooth-Connection preferences Bluetooth.
  • Switch to enable.

Comment coupler mon téléphone avec d'autres périphériques Bluetooth?

[to translate]

  • From the Home screen, tap Set My other connections The Bluetooth connection.
  • Tap Pair new device.
  • Select the unit that you want to connect to.
  • Tap Pair to connect. You may be asked to input a password or to press a button. If prompted, input the password or otherwise acknowledge the connection on your phone or the other device.
  • After you acknowledge the password (or not), the units are connected and communicating. You can begin using the device.
  • If you need more settings for the unit, tap Previously connected devices.
  • Tap next to the device name.

Comment connecter un produit Doro via une connexion Bluetooth à mon téléphone ?

[to transmlate?]

The Bluetooth technology allows the transmission of different types of information, such as picture files, calls, phonebook contacts, or music on stereo etc.
For each type of data transmission, a different Bluetooth profile is required on both devices (mobile phone, tablet, computer, car kit, headset, etc).
The lack of connection between the mobile phone and your Bluetooth product can be caused by the absence of a specific Bluetooth profile in the mobile.
Indeed no further specifications are given on our website concerning the Bluetooth capacities each phone has. On the other hand, they're not advertised either as being fully compatible with all existing Bluetooth products on the market, or any specific model. If you want to check compatibility please contact the manufacturer for the other product and ask for which Bluetooth profiles that are needed to be able to connect with other products (for example Doro mobile phone). When needed Bluetooth profiles are known Doro support can answer whether the Doro mobile phone is compatible with the Bluetooth product or not.

Should the product not give you entire satisfaction, we advise you to please get in touch with the retailer where you bought the Doro mobile phone.

Information sur mon téléphone

Comment voir le numéro IMEI de mon téléphone ?

[to translate] It is possible to check your phones IMEI number by pressing *#06# in the caller.
(Applies to all phones with a numerical keypad or touch screen)

Other solution:

  • Press on View from your homescreen
  • My phone information (scroll to reach the bottom of the screen)
  • Phone status

The IMEI number is visible in the middle of the page.

Où puis-je trouver la valeur DAS (débit d'absorption spécifique) d'un produit Doro ?

[to translate] The SAR value and a description of how the measuring is done can be found in all manuals on Doro website or in printed manual enclosed in sales kit.

Quelle est la durée de la période de garantie pour les produits Doro ?

[to translate] The limited warranty have different duration period depending on product. See link below regading this.

[ASK to support the link]