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Response by Doro

Puts help within reach

Freedom. Safety.

With a relative, friend or professionally trained responder no further away than a press of a button, seniors can live at home for longer.

Response by Doro is a new, easy-to-use service from Doro, created to give seniors and you as relatives extra security, every day. By pressing the assistance button on the Doro phone, the user can easily call for help. First the alarm contacts relatives, and if you can’t answer it is automatically sent to one of our alarm centres, where there is staff on duty 24/7. The service is available on selected Doro phones. However, you as relatives can use any iOS or Android smartphone.

While other security alarms only function in the home, Response by Doro is different. The service is mobile and functions when the senior takes a walk, visits friends, goes shopping, exercises – in short, lives life to the full!

  • Freedom

    Allows seniors the freedom and confidence to go out of their homes.

  • Security

    The alarm contacts registered relatives and if they are unable to assist it goes directly to our 24/7 alarm receiving centre.

  • Safety

    Discreetly enables seniors to feel independent.