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Doro Hemma Doorbell

The world's only senior-focused doorbell


 - "Assist Me" feature for handing over the call

 - Instant video shows who's at the door

 - No monthly fees!

We have 50 years of experience in making Seniors' life better.

Doro Hemma Doorbell 



Doro Hemma Doorbell is a wireless video doorbell designed with safety and security at its heart.


Use the doorbell to see who's at your door at anytime, get help with calls using the "Assist Me" function in the app, and even speak to visitors without having to get up from your chair.


Also, did we mention - there are no monthly fees! After purchasing the doorbell it's free to use. No additional subscriptions and no hidden costs.

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Feel safe and secure with "Assist Me"

Unique to Doro Hemma Doorbell, the "Assist Me" function enables you to get help whenever you need it. Should you feel insecure about answering, you can hand the call over to a friend or relative, with just one press of a button on your phone or tablet.

Receive alerts when someone approaches your door

Not sure that you want to handle the call yourself?

Transfer the call to someone you trust for help, who can answer for you using their phone.

Clear view from the Full High Definition camera

2 microphones for clearer conversations

Long lasting rechargeable batteries

Designed to last in all weather (IP65)

Specially designed for you and your relatives


If you don't want to answer the door yourself, you can transfer the call to a trusted friend or relative - just press the blue button and choose who you want to send the call to.

Use this button when you don't want to answer the door.

Use this panel to zoom in to see more closely, or zoom out for a wider view from the doorbell.

Use the siren button if you need to alert your neighbours or deter intruders. A loud siren sound will ring from the doorbell.

Press here to answer the call and speak to whomever is at the door.

  • Hey Gramps!

    Welcome family and friends

  • We'll be home in a few!

    Let visitors know you're on your way home

  • Love, could you see what that noise was?

    Use the camera to see outside

  • Time to eat!

    See when your deliveries arrive

"Assist Me"

Use the "Assist Me" feature to hand the call over to someone else if you want help with the call.

Siren Function

Feel safe and secure with the siren function. Use it to alert people or to deter unfriendly visitors.

Instant video

Open the app and use the instant video to see what's happening outside your door at any time.

Night vision

See as clearly at night as during the day with a camera that shows every detail, even in the dark.

Clear sound

Hear your visitors clearer than ever thanks to the excellent sound quality.

Easy to Install

Start using in minutes with simple step-by-step instructions and our easy to use app.

Intuitive, easy to use app

The Doro Hemma App has been designed by our usability experts to make setting up and using the Doro Hemma Doorbell as easy as possible. Simple, uncluttered design and clear instructions provide a clear overview, making using the doorbell an effortless experience for everyone.

Download the Doro Hemma App

Set up your doorbell in the app

Your doorbell is now ready to use!

What's included in the box? 



How much does it cost per month to use all the features?

Absolutely nothing! With the Doro Hemma Doorbell everything is included in the price you pay for the doorbell. No monthly fees and no hidden costs. Just one single payment and you're ready to go.The setup of your doorbell has also been designed to be as simple to follow as possible.

Do I need someone to come and install the Doro Hemma Doorbell?

Not at all. A strong adhesive tape is included for fastening the Doro Hemma Doorbell to virtually any surface. Screws are provided as an option if you prefer, but are usually not needed.

Setting up the doorbell in the app is also designed to be as simple as possible.

What is the Doro Hemma Chime that comes in the box?

The Doro Hemma Chime is a small device that plugs into the wall and rings out loudly when someone presses the doorbell. It connects to the doorbell wirelessly, and each doorbell can support up to four additional chimes, so you can have more than one throughout your house.

Can I see who's at the door even when I'm not home?

Yes. With the Doro Hemma App installed on your phone, you can get motion alerts and see who's at the door directly on your phone. You can also use preview mode to check the view from your door at any time, no matter where you are.

Can the Doro Hemma Doorbell record video?

Yes, there is the possibility to insert an SD card into the Doro Hemma Doorbell, which will generate video recordings for every motion event that is detected by the doorbell. You can then access the video clips via the Doro Hemma App.
Please note the SD card needs to be purchased separately.