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Discover Response by Doro

When you choose a Doro mobile, you also get access to valuable features and services for free. With our free Response by Doro service, your trusted relatives and friends, called Responders, can be there for you, no matter how far away they may be.

The service allows:

  • you to contact your loved ones in case of an emergency with a simple press of the Response button on the back of the phone.
  • your Responders  to help with any important settings on your phone. All from their own smartphone.

Help at your fingertips

In case you need help quickly at any time, a simple three second press (or three short, quick presses) on the Response button, on the back of the phone, can send an alert out to Responders simultaneously. The first Responder to accept the request will automatically be put in touch with the Doro phone, through a voice call on loudspeaker. It is not necessary to open and answer the call on the Doro phone, it's done automatically for you.



Remote assistance

Response by Doro allows your loved ones to easily adjust some settings on the phone. If you can't hear your phone ringing, the phone may be set to silent mode. So, it is possible to activate or increase the volume remotely, or to increase the in-call volume. It is also possible to adjust some display and brightness options such as the text size or screen brightness.

All from the Responders smartphone app (free to download from relevant app stores).



GPS integration 

In addition to connecting the voice call, with each help request the GPS position of the phone is shared. Allowing Responders to see the senior's location and provide assistance if needed.

Can't be missed

On the Responder's smartphone, the alert sounds with a distinct and strong signal, that rings even when your phone is set to "Do not disturb" or "Silent" mode. Reassurance that alerts can't be missed.

How it works ?

The Response by Doro app is pre-installed on all compatible Doro phones. For the Responders, all you have to do is download the free application from the Play Store or App Store, then create an account and link it to the seniors Doro phone account.