Common Questions

Getting started with Response by Doro

I am interested in Response by Doro. How do I get started?

You have to purchase an activation code for a compatible Doro phone. This can be done on our website or in selected stores, by following the instructions in our Quick Start Guide (see pdf).

What is required to use Response by Doro?

  • All users must have an email address which is used as a username. 
  • Seniors must have a Doro phone that supports the service. 
  • Relatives must use an iPhone or Android smartphone to be able to install the MyDoro app. 
  • All users must have valid SIM cards in their mobile phones that support calls and text messages. 
  • Mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection is required to start the service. 
  • Seniors are NOT allowed to have a withheld or hidden mobile phone number. 
  • An activation code.

When is the service activated once I have purchased it?

The service is activated by you on You can purchase the activation code and wait with activation until you have time to register your and the senior's accounts. It takes up to 24 hours after activation before the service with the alarm receiving centre as the final recipient works.

Which models support Response by Doro and how do I know my Doro is compatible?

There is currently support for the 7060, 8035 and 8040 Doro models with the latest software installed. Check the software as follows:

On Doro 8035/8040: check if the MyDoro app is pre-installed.

On Doro 7060: press *#2100#; the software is compatible with Response by Doro if a number is displayed in a pop-up message.

Register on MyDoro

What is MyDoro?

MyDoro is an online portal where Doro's assistance services are listed. Here users can manage Response by Doro but must have a MyDoro account.

Can MyDoro be used without a subscription?

Yes, MyDoro is free. You only pay for the add-on services you choose to purchase. 

How do I know what to do on

Follow the instructions on the screen to guide you through the registration process. 

What’s the difference between the various roles in MyDoro?

Administrator (at least one for each account): Owns the MyDoro account and manages any subscriptions. 

Senior (one for each account): The user who can send an alarm and who requires a Doro phone. 

CareCircle (at least one for each account): Relatives, acquaintances, neighbours with a smartphone (Android or iOS) with the MyDoro app installed. Receive any alarms, can look at the senior's position and remotely set certain settings (if the senior has a smartphone). 

How the alarm works

What happens when the senior presses the assistance button?

Pressing the assistance button sends an alarm to the smartphones of all relatives included in CareCircle. An incoming call is made to the senior's phone from the relative to first receive the alarm. If the alarm is not received by any relative, it is transferred to Doro's alarm receiving centre, which answers the alarm by making an incoming call. The whole process takes about two to three minutes.

How do seniors know the alarm has been triggered?

Their phone starts an outgoing speaker phone call to Response by Doro. During the call, a voice informs them that the call has been received and is being dealt with.

What happens if seniors trigger the alarm by accident?

Pressing the assistance button triggers an audio signal for five seconds, during which the senior can decide to cancel the alarm. 

What steps does the Doro alarm receiving centre take on receiving an alarm?

The alarm operator asks about the situation to assess whether the senior requires assistance, e.g. try and contact relatives, neighbours and other alarm contacts registered in MyDoro. Phone 999 or other emergency service if required.

What steps are taken by Doro's alarm receiving centre if it does not make contact with an alarm contact?

Always call 999 in a life-threatening situation. Otherwise try to contact the alarm contacts again after five minutes. If this is unsuccessful, a text message is sent to all alarm contacts. 

How are relatives informed of what happens with an alarm?

The MyDoro app for relatives displays alarm status, as well as who dealt with the alarm.

What happens if a relative's phone is in silent or airplane mode when an alarm is raised?

The alarm can also be heard even if the phone is set to silent mode, but the alarm cannot be received in airplane mode as data is turned off.

How does Response by Doro work when abroad?

Response by Doro works abroad, but additional roaming costs might be incurred. Doro's alarm receiving centre cannot contact local emergency services but can only help you to get in touch with your relatives.

Payment and subscription

How does a senior know if Response by Doro is activated?

Doro 7060: Go to Settings and Assistance. If Response by Doro is activated, there are two menu options (Signal type and Alarm info), otherwise there are many options. 

Doro 8035/8040: A notification is sent when Response by Doro is activated. 

Why do we require you bank card details?

We require your bank card details to that we can continue to use the subscription after the subscription period has elapsed to prevent disruption to the service. 

What happens after the subscription period has elapsed?

The subscription runs automatically on a monthly basis until it is cancelled. 

How can the Response by Doro subscription be cancelled?

Cancel the subscription on Take note that only MyDoro account administrators can change or cancel subscriptions.

General problems

The MyDoro app for relatives does not work. What is wrong?

The first time the app is used, permission has to be given to make calls and save external data. The app will not work if you have denied this. This can be changed in the app's access settings in the phone settings.

What do I do if I do not receive a verification email?

Check your junk mail folder for the verification email and that you have specified the correct email address.

What do I do if I do not receive a registration text message?

The registration text message cannot be displayed on your phone. If the senior's phone does not work with Response by Doro, you can try to send a new registration text message by visiting the Response by Doro page on


How secure are my details on MyDoro?

All sensitive information stored on MyDoro is encrypted and the security systems comply with industry standards.

Who has access to the information stored on MyDoro and Response by Doro?

Doro's alarm operators and Doro's support staff.

What happens if the senior's phone is stolen, lost or gets damaged?

Contact Doro support.

What’s the difference between My Doro Manager and MyDoro?

MyDoro will replace My Doro Manager. Doro recommends switching from MyDoro Manager to MyDoro. This entails setting up an entirely new account on

Do you have additional questions about Response by Doro?

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions.

For our service Response by Doro we offer around the clock support. 



0800 026 5479



MyDoro is an app (for iPhone and Android devices) and a web portal that lets you as relatives manage the settings for Doro’s security services, such as Response by Doro* and SmartCare by Doro, as well as remote configuring your seniors smartphone if they need help.


You can download the app from Google Play and Apple App Store.


My Doro

*For Response by Doro subscriptions, having the app installed for at least one relative is required, since the alarm is sent to the relative MyDoro app.