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Easy to use Doro Tablet

Looking for the perfect mix between a smartphone and computer for your next device? Doro developed an Android based Doro Tablet specially tailored to meet your needs: high contrast display screen with large icons, four speakers, table stand and our unique easy to use interface. All easily adjustable to suit varying requirements and adaptable with accessories to help you get the most from a new device. Enjoyable and productive.

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Our tablets for seniors

Are you looking for a device that is the perfect mix between a mobile phone and a computer? One that is designed specifically to be easy to use for seniors. Do you want to have a tablet which has been adapted to your needs, and allows you to go further than with your smartphone? At Doro, we offer a wide choice of tablets for seniors without the need for a subscription, with features specially designed to meet the constraints of people over 60 years of age. Without further ado, check out our different offers and make your own comparison: our tablets for seniors are equipped with large and clear icons, excellent resolution and an intuitive interface dedicated to making getting online easy and hassle free. Discover the best tablets for seniors online!

Simplified tablets for seniors

Tablets created by Doro are practical pieces of equipment that perfectly meet the needs of the elderly and retired. These easy-to-use tablets let you do simple tasks like reading emails, paying bills, making video calls, and searching the web quickly.

Comparison of Doro tablets for seniors and their key characteristics

We consider our tablets to be designed and created specifically for seniors, because their design considers the lifestyle of seniors, their potential lack of knowledge of high-tech equipment and the possible loss of autonomy as they age. Thus, to help you make a choice, you can compare the characteristics of our tablets for seniors, which include:

  • a screen size adapted to visual impairments
  • large, adjustable icons and text
  • the TeamViewer application pre-installed for remote assistance from trusted relatives
  • higher sound volume than on a conventional tablet (four evenly spaced speakers)
  • a clear and simplified interface
  • access to Google Play Store applications

Tablets for the elderly: everyday equipment

Seniors will find touch screen tablets at Doro that meet their daily needs. As people age, more than ever they need to stay in touch with their loved ones. Therefore, we have pre-installed on our tablet applications that allow quick emails to be sent, but also to connect video calls easily. You can also check your messages, save and view photos or request support via the TeamViewer Quick Support app. The Doro Tablet is delivered with a charger, wooden stand to help with hands free video calls or viewing content and instructions. Users can choose whether they want to connect a Bluetooth keyboard or protect the device with a cover (optional additional accessories) and enjoy using the tablet wherever they are!

Why buy a senior friendly Doro tablet?

Doro are experts in technology for seniors

Above all else, choosing a Doro Tablet for a senior is an excellent option in terms of quality. Indeed, we have specialised, for many years, in high-tech equipment for seniors. We have decided to develop our range by adding a tablet to enable seniors strong demand for a device that meets their needs of practicality and ease of communication. Whatever the outcome of your comparison, you can be rest assured that a Doro product comes with a two-year warranty period and support when you need it.


A tablet for seniors without subscription

Another advantage of choosing a Doro Tablet is that our devices are offered without any kind of subscription or contract. Thus, you have the freedom to select your internet operator and Wi-Fi without any constraint. Your device is delivered with its instruction manual in the box as well as available to download online directly from our website support pages.

The best tablets for seniors with after-sales service

Although these are easy to use tablets, our support team are always available to advise you, even after the purchase. Contact our after-sales service or consult our online articles to help you make the most of all the features of your tablet. From connecting the Wi-Fi, downloading apps to make video calls, or getting the most from Google Assistant!