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Pay with your phone

Contactless payments


Did you know that you can use your smartphone to pay for items or your food bill in physical stores and restaurants? With a contactless payment solution like a mobile wallet in your mobile phone you don’t need to carry around your credit cards anymore. Payments are also safer and faster compared to swiping your card or typing your pin. The technology that is enabling such payments is called ‘near-field communication’ (NFC) which allows an NFC-supported smartphone and payment terminal to communicate securely with each other.


How to use a mobile wallet

To make NFC payments you need to first set up your credit card digitally in a so-called "mobile wallet", like Google Pay, which is an app that is either pre-installed or can be downloaded to your smartphone. When you are ready to pay you simply enter your PIN code in the app to activate the digital credit card, hold the back of the phone close to the payment terminal, and the transaction is made. Easy, right?

Payment terminals that have the contactless logo are compatible with NFC payments.


Doro 8100 supports NFC payments.