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The smart way to use your camera


Hopefully you have already seen that the camera on your smartphone has some fantastic features. In addition, the pictures you take are organised in an album that you will always have with you and can easily view and share with others. Our photo school gives you the best pointers for taking excellent pictures.

Shoot like a pro

We’re all photographers, and with the camera in your smartphone you can take really great pictures. Follow these simple tips and you’ll soon discover how to take even better photos. Impress friends and family with professional-looking photos!

1. Dare to get close to the subject.

2. Decide what you 'must' include in the picture rather than trying to get everything in. 

3. Remember that with some phones the shot is not taken until you remove your finger from the shutter button.

4. Hold the camera steady. If you take pictures indoors without flash, it is really important so that you get features in focus. Lean against a doorframe or a chair for support.

5. Preferably take photos outside to give them natural light.

6. When shooting portraits it's important that the background does not steal the attention. 

7. Don’t be afraid to take lots of photos - your phone has plenty of space and you can always go back and delete the ones you don’t need later on. 

Share your pictures

One of the very best things about having a smartphone is the ability to share great moments as soon as they happen. Take a picture and send it directly to friends and family via MMS, email or social media. It’s the perfect way to send greetings whilst travelling. You can also print out the pictures you’ve taken, or why not order a printed photo book for reminiscing about your holiday? Good luck with your photography. Click, click!

Shooting with your Doro smartphone

1. From the Home screen, locate and tap the Camera or “Snap” icon

2. Tap the part of the screen that you want the camera to focus on 

3. Tap the shutter icon on the screen to take a photo 

4. To view your photo, tap the small “thumbnail” photo in the bottom left corner of the screen

Share pictures from your Doro smartphone

1. While viewing the photo, tap the "I want to" button in the upper right corner of your screen

2. Tap "Share this image"

3. To send as an MMS, tap "Message"

4. Choose from your list of contacts the person you want to send the image to

5. Type in a greeting and press "Send"