Doro 8080

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Over the years, things happen to your eyesight, hearing and motor skills. No worries, it happens to us all. Fortunately, there are smartphones designed to address these issues. So, instead of focusing on difficulties, maybe it’s time for a grown-up phone. Maybe it’s time for a Doro.


This is what it looks like – our sharpest-looking smartphone ever. Choose from black or white.



If things have become harder to see

Does it feel like your arms can’t quite hold your phone far away enough so you can read your texts? What’s that tiny little emoji doing, anyway? The Doro 8080 has a bright, full-view screen with high contrast for optimal clarity and visibility. Bigger text size, bigger icons and help distinguishing colours. No problem.

If some sounds have become harder to hear

On a typical smartphone all you can do is turn up the volume. But that might not be enough, especially in a noisy environment. Doro 8080 is developed especially with older ears in mind. It has a boosted, crystal-clear sound and a strong vibration setting. It also enhances the higher sound frequencies that get harder to hear with age, while filtering out background noise. If you use a hearing aid, you’ll notice a big difference as the sound is transmitted wirelessly and without disturbances.

If your hands have become less nimble

Is it sometimes difficult to hit the correct little icon on a standard smartphone? Doro’s clear interface is forgiving when your hands start to get a life of their own. So is its grippy back surface, widely spaced keys and dedicated home button. It also features a rugged build to withstand occasional bumps and drops.