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Doro HearingBuds

You decide how you want to hear the world

Welcome to a better way of listening, thanks to our new Doro HearingBuds. While there are many sound enhancement devices available, these are the only ones designed to deliver a clearer and more natural hearing experience than the others. At Doro, we are dedicated to adapting technology to suit the needs of seniors, enabling them to get the most out of life. With our innovative design, these true wireless earbuds have been carefully crafted to enhance sound without blocking out your surroundings, allowing people to stay connected in a truly comfortable and natural way. Never miss a moment with the Doro HearingBuds.


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So natural you won't believe your ears

Some earbuds are made for listening to music. Ours are designed to bring you clearer sound in any situation. So you can hear all of your life more clearly.

Clearer phone calls

Enjoy crystal clear conversations. No more struggling to hear the person on the other end of the phone, the HearingBuds refine the sound and make conversations even easier.

TV and music

With the media setting, relaxing and enjoying your favourite forms of entertainment couldn’t be easier. When you choose the media profile from the sound settings, you get the best possible listening experience, tailored to your exact needs.

Face to face conversations

No more struggling to hear what the person next to you is saying. Just pop in the HearingBuds and they’ll do the work for you.

Even in noisy environments!

An enhanced listening experience no matter where you are. We want you to feel included in every situation, and the HearingBuds help to do just that – pick up a pair today and see for yourself.

Get more with the HearingBuds app!


The Doro HearingBuds app features an interactive hearing test for personalising the earbuds to your specific needs. It also simplifies switching between various hearing profiles optimised for different environments, such as speech and conversation in restaurants, or different activities like watching TV or listening to radio.

Try the effect of the HearingBuds for yourself

Still not convinced? The simulator below shows you how much of an impact the HearingBuds can have in real time. Simply press the button and see for yourself how much clearer the sound is.

Better together

The HearingBuds are an ideal companion to use with our Doro smartphones, or even the Doro tablet. With support for the HearingBuds app and all the great features of a Doro product, it’s a match made in heaven.

Get the most out of your HearingBuds

The human ear is a very complex and powerful body part, so your brain and ears may need some time to get used to the new way of perceiving sound.

We recommend wearing your HearingBuds everyday to begin with, making sure you take regular breaks.

Start by wearing the HearingBuds in familiar situations like face-to-face conversations, and then gradually test them out in different environments.

Try and redo the hearing test more than once. This will make sure you get the best results and help you to find the most comfortable sound.


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