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Rediscover the joy of listening with our new HearingBuds

Noticing changes to your hearing can feel scary and isolating, but that's why we're here! 

With a carefully crafted natural sound experience and ergonomic design for ultimate comfort, Doro HearingBuds help you to stay connected and feel included again.



For every situation where you want to hear a little clearer

One-to-one conversations


No more struggling to hear what the person next to you is saying, even in noisy environments.

TV and music


Turn up the TV volume just for you, with the media profile. Experience exceptional sound quality for listening to music.

Out in nature


Enjoy the sounds of nature again, like birdsong and fluttering leaves.

Doro HearingBuds unique technology amplifies sound up to 15dB, which to the ear is perceived as at least double the volume.

See the difference our Doro HearingBuds have already made

Speech is clearer than before and there is a big difference between "speech" and "natural" modes.
Now i can hear sounds that i haven't heard in 10 years!
Amplification has improved. I can clearly hear the indicators when I'm in a moving car, for example.

How does it work ?

Doro HearingBuds are designed for instant activation. With user-friendly setup, you'll step into a new world of sound with no stress or strain, just pure listening pleasure. 

Use the hearing test that comes with the HearingBuds app to receive customized amplification based on the sounds you have diffculty hearing! 

The app also simplifies switching between hearing profiles that have been optimised for different environments, such as speech and conversation, watching TV or listening to music and being outside.


It's as simple as putting on a pair of reading glasses.

Hear the difference the Doro HearingBuds can make


The simulator below shows an example of how sound can be improved by the HearingBuds. Press the play button and try them out in different situations.

Please note: This is just a simluated example of the sound difference, real effects may vary and take time to get used to.

How do I know if the Doro HearingsBuds are for me ?

The Doro HearingBuds are designed to bring you clearer sound in any situation. So you can hear all of your life more clearly.

One-to-one conversations

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves a lot, or feel like people are mumbling? 

Doro HearingBuds can help you feel more confident in conversations again, so you don't feel like you're missing out.

TV volume

Do you find yourself needing the volume on the television louder than the people around you?

With Doro HearingBuds you can customise the sound to get a personal listening experience directly to your ears.

Using the phone

Do you have trouble hearing clearly when you're using the phone?

With excellent sound quality, you can enjoy crystal clear conversations thanks to Doro HearingBuds.

Noisy environments

Is it tricky to follow conversations, especially in noisy environments like a busy restaurant?

Filter away the unwanted sounds and focus on what you want to listen to instead.

High-pitched voices

Are high-pitched voices like women and children's becoming harder to hear?

With age-related hearing loss, the higher frequencies are the first sounds to go. Doro HearingBuds can help correct this to a degree, making it easier to feel involved.

Understanding your new way of hearing

The human ear is very complex, so you may find that your brain and ears need time to get used to the new way of perceiving sound.

To help with this, we recommend wearing your Doro HearingBuds everyday to begin with, making sure you take regular breaks.


Start by wearing the HearingBuds in familiar situations like face-to-face conversations, and then gradually test them out in different environments.

You can also try and redo the hearing test more than once. This will make sure you get the best results and help you to find the most comfortable sound for your ears.

Ready to hear the world on your own terms?

If you're curious, why not give the Doro HearingBuds a try! 






What type of hearing loss does Doro HearingBuds support?

Doro HearingBuds have been designed to help people who experience mild to moderate hearing loss.

Will I notice the effect of Doro HearingBuds immediately?

Yes, you will notice a difference in sound quality straight away - even before you take the hearing test in the app.

The important thing to remember though, is that your brain and ears may need time to adjust to the new sound, so practice wearing the HearingBuds and give yourself time to adjust. It can take as long as 2-4 weeks for your body to get used to the sound. A little patience goes a long way.

What are the 4 different ear tip sizes for ?

There are 4 different ear tips provided so that you can choose the tip that fits your ears best.

Can I use Doro HearingBuds for listening to music?

Absolutely! The sound quality for listening to music is particularly good, so you'll be able to enjoy excellent clarity, even without the sound amplification on.

Why is there no left and right on the Doro HearingBuds?

Doro HearingBuds use a unique left-right detection, so it doesn't matter what side you put your earbuds in. They have been designed to be used interchangeably, so you can just put the hearingbuds in and they'll adjust the sound accordingly.