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Looking for an easy-to use mobile phone for yourself or for an elder relative? All our phones are designed with seniors in mind and feature extra loud and clear sound, large separated keys and a high visual contrast that make them easier to use than other phones. Use the filters to help to you find the functionality and level of ease that’s right for you.

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What functions are important to you for your feature phone?

Ease of use

Large keys, an easy-to-use menu or enhanced sound for calls you can hear easily - which features are most important to you when selecting your next mobile phone? Doro mobile phones, or feature phones, are specifically designed for seniors. We want them to make your daily life easier, for all your communication needs. Discover our selection of the most practical clamshell and bar style phones, whether they are 2G, 3G or 4G, focused on calls and texts or you need them to work a bit harder for you with access to emails and a couple of social media apps already built in.


Bar style feature phones

Do you prefer your feature phone with a single sided ‘face’ with the screen and keypad together on one side, without the need to flip the device open? You will find a wide choice of mobile phones with simple and practical keys in a single block. These models are both easy to use and robust. Simply lock the keypad by pressing and holding the * key to save any accidental calls in your pocket or handbag.


Clamshell mobiles

Among our different models of mobile phones, the flip phone or clamshell design offers many practical advantages:

  • It takes up less space and fits easily in a pocket
  • It avoids accidental button press
  • When closed the screen is protected
  • The screen and keypad can be larger

Discover our many types of flip telephones with high contrast and well-spaced buttons, hearing aid compatibility and easy to use cameras available here on our website, with colour options and premium features such as external screens on a variety of handsets. Depending on the model, you will take advantage of the external screen to see notifications, battery level, time or who is calling you before you pick up the call.  Our clamshell phones, meet the needs of the elderly, and offer real comfort in everyday use, thanks to the large keys and easy to use menu dedicated to making calls, sending text messages and taking photos.


Social networks

We have included access to some social networks in certain feature phone handsets, for those who want to keep up to date with posts on Facebook and see messages or photos shared in WhatsApp. These smart feature phones are all 4G connected so you can access data quickly whilst out and about and have front facing cameras so you can make video calls with friends and family easily on your device.


Remote help

With the Response by Doro application powering some of our feature phones assistance button, it allows you to get help to change key settings as well as getting help quickly and easily from family and friends when you need it the most. Functions and settings they can help you to adjust include the ringtone and in call volumes, screen brightness and text size. Meaning you can get on with your day without having to spend time navigating the settings.