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Classic corded phones and cordless models that give you more freedom to move around the house. Featuring large keys and extra loud sound if and when need it.

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The features of Doro landline telephones for seniors

The landline phones have been designed by Doro to meet seniors’ various needs as well as providing additional comfort for communication in everyday life. These advanced and practical telephones are also a means of reassuring oneself with large, well-spaced buttons, visual ring indicators and photo memories. Our fixed line telephones are easy to use, and some even allow personalised settings: you decide the volume of the handset and you can even boost the sound further whilst on a call to ensure you hear every word.


We have a range of corded and cordless phones for seniors. If you select to use the comparison tool to show the features for each handset alongside each other, you can compare the ease of use and listening comfort for each of the Doro models side by side. The cordless handset is available as a solo unit or as a duo. The handsets are recharged on their bases and if using a duo only the main handset requires the telephone lead plugged in. We even have a new cordless handset, which appears to be a landline device, but works solely from a sim card. Meaning you do not need a landline connection at all. Both the corded and cordless fixed line phones for seniors, provide a clear and loud ringtone as well as call volumes, large, high contrast and well-spaced buttons and programmable direct dials for quick and confident calls and dialing.

The aesthetics of Doro landline phones for seniors

Most Doro senior landline phones are black or white to blend in beautifully with today's decor. All of our landline telephones, with specific focus on features and aesthetics for seniors or those with hearing impairments have the same thoughtful design, enhanced by clean, slightly rounded lines, concave and convex high contrast buttons and where included are equipped with large, back lit screens which display large characters and digits on a white or coloured backgrounds. Allowing people with visual impairments to still be able to read the handsets and phone numbers or contacts calling them easily. Equally contemporary, the Doro cordless telephones have the advantage of being ergonomic to hold and handle. It fits easily in the user’s hand and is particularly pleasant to hold whilst on longer calls as well as its large keys and its screen offering a convenient contrast