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How about a smart and protective case for your phone? Or perhaps a convenient desk-top charger so you always know where your mobile is and that it’s charged and ready?

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Accessories to better protect your Doro mobile phone

Despite all the care taken in the quality of our smartphones and mobile phones for seniors, shocks are never good if we ever drop the device. That's why we offer you a wide choice of accessories dedicated to protecting your mobile phone, from a silicon case or a wallet case which protects both the front and back, to a screen protector to pay particular attention to the large screens of smartphones. All of our Doro mobile phone cases are adapted specifically to our phone models: it is therefore a question of carefully selecting the Doro phone case compatible with the model of your phone. You can also make your choice according to the materials and your aesthetic preferences!

Doro covers and cases: Much more than just accessories

Our Doro pouches and covers aren't just designed to protect your phone - in addition to their primary function of protecting your device, our accessories also embellish your mobile with a stylish finish. In leather effect or brushed metal, black, red, brown, smart or magnetic: each model of Doro cases has its own strength. A real saving of time and space on a daily basis! Finally, other accessories are available to improve the functions and handling of your phone from charging cradles to locate your handset quickly and easily every time you need it as well as ensuring it is fully charged to replacement batteries for a device that has stood the test of time.

More than device accessories

Alongside all our mobile phone and smartphone accessories, we have a range of accessories that can be useful around the home for Seniors to complement their daily lives. From the Doro HandleEasy 321rc remote control that can be programmed to work your TV using infra-red technology – meaning you have seven buttons to navigate as opposed to an endless amount which are all small and black. There is also a wrist trigger that can be paired with a variety of our mobile phones and worn to activate the assistance buttons on your device should users need help from their relatives and friends quickly and easily.