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Back to basics!

Feel safe with our new future-proofed feature phones

We are proudly presenting three new mobile phones, where user-friendliness is combined with our classic Doro interface and a fresh, modern look and feel. We are going back to basics! Where the Doro 5860, 6820 and 6880 are focusing on what matters the most, and what we know best – our strong Doro DNA. Loud and clear sound. Large, clear display. Ergonomic to hold and handle. Everything made with the purpose of being familiar and easy for you. Yet, including modern technology that will last for the future ahead. 4G. VoLTE*. FOTA**. But let us take care of the boring stuff while you focus on the fun stuff – talking to your loved ones, sending messages, and taking photos.

All phones have the well-known Doro interface with easy navigation that you are familiar with, they are expertly tuned and suitable to use with a hearing aid and have a large, high contrast display. They also feature large, clearly separate buttons, and soft, curved edges that lie comfortably and safely in the hand as well as having an assistance button for extra safety if needed.

Whether you want an easy-to-use bar phone or clamshell phone without any fuss, you’ll find the phone that suits you.

*’Voice over Long-Term Evolution’ is a high-speed wireless communication standard for mobile phones
**’Firmware-over-the-air’ is a method of sending software updates via Wi-Fi or mobile broadband

Doro 6880

External display with Caller ID and notifications.



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Doro 6820

Stylish flip phone for clear conversations.



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Doro 5860

Easy mobile phone with wide display.



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