Doro 8100

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Doro 8100

The Doro 8100 is the ideal smartphone for seniors who want an easy, enjoyable and reassuring device for staying connected. It features our intuitive interface, EVA, which provides a conversational style of navigation that simplifies everything the user wants to do – especially helpful for anyone who is new to Android with a a very customizable user interface that even experienced Android users can appreciate.


It’s all in the details

Never had a smartphone before? No worries. Our patented interface means it’s very easy to use. The first time you turn on your phone, a step-by-step guide helps you to set it up to best suit your sight and hearing needs, while providing helpful tips for using your new phone. After that it’s intuitive. If you still need some support, your close contacts can provide help remotely using TeamViewer to take full control of the device (which comes pre-installed on the Doro 8100). Its IP54 rating also gives you reassurance of dust and water protection.

Easy to snap

The new triple-camera design and crisp display makes taking and sharing photos a joy. You'll be able to take portrait pictures of your loved ones utilising the ‘bokeh’ soft background focus feature to really make them stand out and zoom in further to capture even more details with the macro camera lens. The macro lens provides perfect magnification for life out and about. We’ve also made adjustments to enhance the ease of use of the camera to make it even easier to capture spectacular images every time! The camera app also includes some additional options like night mode to take low light shots and an integrated QR code reader - all that with an easy to use menu to select your chosen camera mode for any shot you take. 

Doro DNA – we think of everything

Not just bigger text, but bigger icons. Not just boosted sound, but frequencies that are tuned for older ears as well as Hearing Aid Compatibility. With Doro’s own easy-to-use interface and assistance button, users can get help at the touch of a button. 

Simply press the assistance button on the back of the phone, to contact your close relatives quickly and easily when you need them the most. Programme the button using our Response by Doro app to alert loved ones, in case of an emergency. Or to get help with adjusting important settings such as the call volume, screen brightness or font size without the need for anyone to leave the house!

The Doro 8100 is developed for those in search of a stylish, safe and simple smartphone, but one that does everything any other smartphone will do – just easier!


Easy to be stylish

Discover our range of Doro accessories specifically designed for the Doro 8100. A smart cover that allows you to see the screen even when it’s closed, wallet cases in black or red with three card slots, a high protection screen protector or a black or transparent simple protective case – the hardest thing is choosing which one!