New Design family

Doro new design family

Meet our new design family

We are proudly presenting five new phones where user-friendliness is combined with an appealing look and feel. The modern, user-oriented and attractive design of the feature phones Doro 6060, 7030, 6620 and 7010, and the smartphone Doro 8080 is the result of continuous research. The research is based on numerous surveys, discussions, insights and observations with representatives of the best-ager target group and instore sales staff. Everything was made with the purpose of gaining a deep understanding of your motivations and needs and finding creative solutions to satisfy these requirements of yours. The modern Scandinavian design has been a common thread in the development as a tribute to our Swedish roots.


All phones have an assistance button, GPS and are suitable to use with a hearing aid as well as having large, clearly separate buttons, and soft, curved forms that lie comfortably and safely in the hand. The shape, size and position of specific features such as assistance button or camera lens and the Doro logo are consistent throughout the full product range.
Whether you want a smartphone, a bar phone or a clamshell you’ll find the phone that’s suits you.
In brief? Everything is thought to offer you the best possible user experience.


Doro 7030

 Elegant flip phone with WhatsApp and Facebook


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Doro 6060

External display with Caller ID and notifications


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Doro 6620

 Stylish flip phone with HD voice



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Doro 7010

Bar style phone with WhatsApp and Facebook.


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Doro 8080

Over the years, things happen to your eyesight, hearing and motor skills. No worries, it happens to us all. Fortunately, there are smartphones designed to address these issues. So, instead of focusing on difficulties, maybe it’s time for a grown-up phone. Maybe it’s time for a Doro.


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