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The Doro HearingBuds are designed to bring you clearer sound in any situation. So you can hear all of your life more clearly.

One-to-one conversations

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves a lot, or feel like people are mumbling? 

Doro HearingBuds can help you feel more confident in conversations again, so you don't feel like you're missing out.

TV volume

Do you find yourself needing the volume on the television louder than the people around you?

With Doro HearingBuds you can customise the sound to get a personal listening experience directly to your ears.

Using the phone

Do you have trouble hearing clearly when you're using the phone?

With excellent sound quality, you can enjoy crystal clear conversations thanks to Doro HearingBuds.

Noisy environments

Is it tricky to follow conversations, especially in noisy environments like a busy restaurant?

Filter away the unwanted sounds and focus on what you want to listen to instead.

High-pitched voices

Are high-pitched voices like women and children's becoming harder to hear?

With age-related hearing loss, the higher frequencies are the first sounds to go. Doro HearingBuds can help correct this to a degree, making it easier to feel involved.