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Doro 8100 & Doro Watch bundle - black/green

Doro 8100 & Doro Watch bundle - black/green

The ultra-intuitive Doro 8100 accompanies you on a daily basis to stay in touch with your loved ones easily. Make video calls, send a WhatsApp, find an appointment in your calendar, share your photos… everything becomes simple. And to stay active and track your performance, connecting the Doro Watch allows you to track your daily steps and activity as well as your health data (heart rate, blood oxygen level). Used with the Doro 8100, the Doro Watch also offers an assistance button that allows you to activate the Response by Doro service, in the event of an emergency, from your Doro Watch.The Doro Watch and Doro 8100 are connected via Bluetooth and need to be within approximately 10 metres for the Response by Doro alert to activate. Distance varies depending on location ie indoor/outdoor. 

  • The ultra-intuitive and easy-to-use Doro 8100 and Doro Watch for seniors


  • Easy to see with large, clear icons and text


  • Assistance button powered by Response by Doro - for added security




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