Terms for Response by DORO for consumers

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Terms for Response by DORO for consumers, 2019

The following terms and conditions constitute the terms of the agreement between you as a customer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and DORO AB (hereinafter "DORO").

The customer is the one who pays for the service but is not necessarily the user of the Response by DORO service. Because it is the Customer who enters into the agreement, it is also the Customer who must ensure that the terms of the agreement are always met. One condition is that the Customer is a private user and is at least 18 years old at the conclusion of the agreement and has a registered UK address. The service is intended for use only in the UK and the terms of service are therefore applicable only for such use.

If you have any questions regarding Response by DORO or this agreement, you can contact DORO by calling or emailing DORO´S Customer Service.

No rights or obligations under this Agreement or any part thereof may be transferred to third parties without DORO giving written consent.

The service can only be used and combined with products that are compatible with Response by DORO.

DORO reserves the right to hire subcontractors to fulfil its obligations under the agreement. DORO is responsible for the subcontractors work as for DORO’s own work.

Limitation of service and necessary equipment

The customer’s use of the service is at their own risk and is for use only in the UK.

DORO's mission is to provide a useful and correct service but does not guarantee that the service will always work, which may be due to circumstances within or beyond DORO's control.

DORO is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, availability, efficiency or correct use of the service or for use outside of the UK (although some parts of the service work abroad). GPS or navigation data, including data about the user's current location, may be inaccessible, incorrect or incomplete.

Use of the service does not replace medical care or other care.

Read and follow all the instructions for the service, including those available on the mydoro.com website. The service must be activated by registering on mydoro.com with the necessary information required at the given time, including registration of a valid and accepted credit or debit card.

The service can only be used for a (1) specific emergency telephone (senior telephone) or other Response compatible device, and it is only from this device that the alarm function can be used. If you want to be able to alarm from several phones, an additional subscription must be purchased and installed for each additional telephone. For the service to work the device (senior telephone) must have a traceable number, i.e. the service does not work for secret/hidden/unknown numbers, and the functionality to show caller id must be activated.

Full use and deployment of the service depends on the user's access to a computer with appropriate software or a supported mobile device, as well as Internet access. For the use of the service, it is necessary to have a subscription in which the operator's costs can be charged, or that you have a sufficient credit balance (the cost of an "alarm" is currently equivalent with one SMS and one phone call to a UK telephone number). DORO assumes no liability for service failure due to the lack of charging possibilities from the network operator. The maintenance and safety of this equipment may affect the performance of the service and it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the functionality of such equipment.

Reasonable expected usage

It is assumed that the Customer / User uses Response by DORO as DORO can reasonably expect. This means that the price of the service includes a maximum of 5 contact calls with the alarm centre each month. Should the number of contact calls with the alarm centre exceed the above mentioned limit, DORO may charge specifically for those services not included in the price of the service as stated below under the section “Payment”.


The customer receives an activation code on his/her receipt and with the code the Customer can activate Response by DORO and connect his/her product to the DORO alarm centre.

The code must be used on the DORO website http://www.mydoro.com to enable the connection.

In case the customer loses the code, or it becomes stolen, it must be notified immediately to DORO Customer Service so that the code can be blocked. A compensation code can be ordered but DORO reserves the right to charge an administrative fee.

Response by DORO will begin to work within 24 hours of the service being activated.

Charging costs

The Customer is charged monthly in advance for all services provided under this Agreement through Customer-Accepted Payment Service Provider. The terms of the payment service are governed by the terms and conditions of the payment service provider at any time. Costs for calls, SMS, operator subscriptions, etc. are not included in DORO's service, but these are added according to the customer's agreement with its network operator. A subscription period corresponds to a calendar month. Consumption in addition to what is included in the customer's subscription as stated under the section “Reasonable Expected Usage”, is usually charged monthly in arrears.

The customer is entitled to terminate his agreement after any mandatory subscription period have elapsed and only if the Customer has paid all outstanding invoices in connection with the service.


Payment is made in GBP and all prices are stated inclusive of VAT.

All charges must be paid before the due date specified in the invoice. If the payment is delayed, then DORO is entitled to charge interest from the due date until payment is made. DORO is entitled to charge for compensation and fees for reminders, letter of formal notice and otherwise in accordance with applicable law.

If the customer makes use of more than what is included in the Customer's subscription or what is stated under the section "Reasonable Expected Usage," these additional services will be charged according to the applicable price list.

Payment of only part of the total invoice or non-payment is to be regarded as a breach of contract. DORO reserves the right to block all or part of all services and the right to charge a resume fee. This fee is shown in the price list.

If the Customer rules that any charges are incorrect or unreasonable, it is the Customer's responsibility to contact DORO.


If the customer wishes to transfer his contract to another person, he or she must contact DORO.

DORO is entitled to charge a fee for the new holder of the agreement upon transfer.

Limitation of liability

DORO is liable for damages according to compulsory UK law. DORO can only be held liable for claims or losses directly related to and subject to this agreement. DORO is not responsible for the Customer's loss, loss of profits or similar indirect or consequential damage. To the extent permitted by law, DORO's liability is limited to the amount received during the 6 months before the damage occurred. Damage that the customer wants to make DORO responsible for, must be notified to DORO as soon as the damage has been noted, but no later than 10 days thereafter.

DORO is not responsible for negligence or delays in the performance of services if such an error or delay is due to force majeure, including natural disasters, extreme weather and climatic events, war, terrorism, strikes, riots and fires. In addition, DORO cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond what is considered to be within DORO's reasonable control.

DORO cannot be held responsible for interruptions in telecommunications networks or an inadequate connection or any other obstacle in communication. If the cause of damage is in no way attributable to the Product, DORO cannot be held liable for this.

It should be noted that Response by DORO is only a service that transmits alarms. DORO is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any actions or omissions that require medical advice, treatment or other health related action or assessment.

Amendment of the agreement

DORO can continuously change the agreement. Such changes will be notified no later than two months before they come into force. The Customer can terminate the agreement with 14 days’ notice during the period, i.e. with effect no later than the date of entry into force of the amendment. If the Customer continues to use the subscription after the current date, DORO will consider this to be a sign of approval by the changes.

Changes will be announced by e-mail, letter or in connection with the invoice delivery, or as a text in connection with the payment summary, if the Customer uses a Payment Service.

Messages and customer information by mail or e-mail

DORO reserves the right to send messages to Customers regarding the agreement. DORO sends information including order confirmations, service announcements, payment reminders, reminders, billing notices including information and notification of changes in subscription terms and prices.

In case the Customer does not want to be contacted by DORO regarding new products, services, offers and other items that may be of interest to the Customer, the Customer shall contact DORO in written form. Customer information is never disclosed or sold to third parties.

As a Customer, you have a duty to report changes in your customer information (e.g.: address or telephone number changes). To do this, send a letter (by mail or email) to DORO´s Customer Service explaining the change you want. The letter must contain, in addition to the changes concerned, customer number, name and address. DORO will then, within five business days, confirm the receipt and inform when the changes take effect. DORO must be informed of the changes 14 days before the customer wants the changes to come into effect.

Suspension and blocking  

The service may be terminated by DORO if the Customer has committed a material breach of contract and if the following apply:

  • Important information from customer to supplier is incorrect
  • The customer has not paid due invoices despite reminders and warning about collection

The customer is not entitled to a refund for the time the subscription is suspended or blocked.

Fixed term, maturity, termination and cancellation

The agreement might have an initial mandatory subscription period.

If the Customer wishes to cancel/terminate his/her subscription, this must be done on mydoro.com.

Only the Customer can terminate the subscription and not any other user.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the subscription may end with a notice period that expires during the current month of termination of the subscription, provided that termination is made at least one day before the end of the current month. If cancellation is initiated later than at least one day before the end of the current month, notice period will not expire until the end of the following month. In the cases mentioned above, DORO may terminate the agreement immediately without notice.

Upon termination of the contract, the service will be unavailable to the Customer. Any outstanding amounts and fees must be paid as soon as possible and at latest at the payment date. Please note that up to one month after completion, the Customer may receive a final settlement from DORO.

Usage abroad

For current prices on roaming tariffs, please contact the operator. DORO is not responsible for use outside of the UK (although some parts of the service work abroad).

Personal information

DORO complies with both national personal data laws and the new EU privacy rules in accordance with the DORO Privacy Policy (https://www.doro.com/en-gb/privacypolicy/).

In connection with the subscription, DORO registers the following information about the user:

  • Name, Gender, Personal ID number, Address, Telephone number, E-mail address, Contact information

The information is mandatory for the service to be provided and it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the information is always updated and correct. DORO assumes no responsibility for cases where the service cannot be provided, and the problem is originating from information that is missing, incomplete or incorrect.

DORO collects the above information about the Customer and the user to:

  • send the physical goods included in the subscription by order
  • manage subscription information, changes to subscription terms and the like to the Customer
  • respond to requests from the Customer
  • help and provide the Customer with the best possible service

DORO only collects information as stated above or which the Customer explicitly authorises access to. In this way, the Customer knows exactly what information DORO registers and why. All information is collected via an encrypted connection and can only be viewed by authorised personnel.

The Customer is obliged to inform DORO if changes are made to the personal data registered with DORO (changes may include, for example, relocation, contact details, etc.). This applies to both Customer and user information. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the information is always updated, which is done via mydoro.com, or by contacting DORO by telephone or in writing so that DORO can register the changes.

DORO stores the Customers information in accordance with DORO's Privacy Policy (https://www.doro.com/en-gb/privacypolicy/) and as long as the customer has an ongoing subscription with the supplier.

All voice calls to the alarm centre are recorded and the recording is saved for 6 months, independent on the customers’ subscription status.


All rights regarding the service belong to DORO and/or partners with whom DORO has an agreement with. Trademarks and other logos, features, images, etc. belong to DORO or DORO's partners.

Disputes and complaints

In case of disagreement of the agreement, complaints will be submitted to DORO´s Customer Service.

Dispute of the interpretation or application of the Agreement shall be settled by UK courts under UK law.

If the Customer has questions regarding the terms of subscription or use of the Customers personal information, the Customer is welcome to contact DORO´S Customer Service.