Assistance key

The assistance key on 2G, 3G phones and older models

In addition to the easy-to-use features of a Doro mobile phone, you also have access to valuable safety features such as our built-in assistance button. With one press of the assistance button, your loved ones will be informed of your location* and be able to help quickly and easily. Piece of mind for everyone.

For our 2G, 3G and older handsets (phones that are not compatible with the Response By Doro,service), they work as follows: 

  • Select up to five contacts from your phonebook who can help you should you press the button. If help is needed, a simple long press of at least 3 seconds (or three short, quick presses) starts the assistance procedure.
  • A text message is sent to all support contacts (up to five) to let them know that you need help. You can change the default message in the assistance button settings. Depending on the model of your mobile phone, a link with the devices GPS position may be included.
  • The phone will then call the first contact. If he/she does not answer, it will hang up and then automatically call the second, repeating this sequence using all of the programmed numbers until someone answers the call.. When someone answers the call, the Doro phone is automatically connected in loudspeaker allowing the user to easily talk to their loved one.
  • If none of the contacts answer during the first round of calls, the call loop will start again. This cycle will continue for a maximum of 3 complete loops, i.e. 5 SMS and 15 calls maximum.
  • The operation is completely free, but does require access to the mobile network through your SIM provider.
  • Press the button by accident? It happens and isn’t a problem at the start of every button activation you have five seconds to cancel the call.
  • For more details on programming the different settings, you can read and download all of our mobile phones manuals from the website (search and download from our support page)

For even more security, it is possible to pair your phone with our wrist worn Doro 3500 Bluetooth alarm trigger (check compatibility on individual product pages). You can trigger the assistance button in exactly the same way as the button on the back of the mobile phone.

*Device dependant