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Doro Tablet

Easy to see, hear and handle.

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How about booking your next trip from your sofa? The Doro Tablet, with its ultra-intuitive interface, allows you to easily manage many daily tasks: browse the Internet, make video calls, organise your photos and watch your favourite series... all on a large, bright screen with loud and clear sound.


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Easy to use

Our EVA action-based interface guides you at every step

Just about everything seniors love about our smartphones they can now also enjoy in a fun and easy-to-use tablet. Our intuitive, action-based interface, known as EVA, is built on Android meaning you have access to all Google apps and the Google Play Store. With large icons and text, it is very readable and allows you to simply perform the desired actions: view, send, search from the home screen. You can use these icons to access the most used functions such as sending an email, viewing your photo gallery or searching for a new recipe online.

Stay in touch with your loved ones thanks to the Doro Tablet. Simply press the Video call icon to see the apps you have downloaded to enable you to make video calls – Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Google Duo will all appear in this easy menu, if you have downloaded them. Use the handy stand, included in the box, to enable you to sit back and relax hands free whilst taking to your family and friends.

Enhanced loud and clear sound

The Doro Tablet has four speakers to provide better sound when listening to music, streaming movies or enjoying video calls with family and friends. Thanks to Doro’s expertly tuned and balanced audio settings users can really take advantage of the fantastic sound performance from the equally distributed speakers on the device.


Our intuitive Doro EVA interface, combined with Doro Tutorials and the Google Assistant, simplifies everything the user wants to do. You are guided step by step to discover your new Doro Tablet at a pace that suits your needs.

In addition, the Doro Tablet comes with the TeamViewer QuickSupport app pre-installed to enable remote assistance from a trusted contact. Simply give your relative or support team the ID for your device and they can log in to help you with settings, downloading apps, changing the font and icon size or organise your home screen.

Help and tutorials

Built-in support as needed  

A visually stunning display

An extra bright, high-contrast display makes viewing photos, browsing websites, playing online games or checking social media a joy, even in the brightest light conditions.
And we know that you have different needs, so you can choose the menu icon and font size that suits your needs the best – choose from large, larger and largest to aid you to use the Doro Tablet to your fullest potential. Thanks to the high-resolution display even at the largest setting, it still remains crystal clear and sharp to look at.

An easy to attach keyboard (sold separately) makes it ideal for home admin tasks like managing e-mails, documents, spreadsheets, internet banking and many more daily tasks.
Also available is a sleek and protective case to shield the device from any accidental bumps and knocks. Comes with a smooth black front panel to protect the screen, which doubles up as a landscape stand.