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We know that seniors are curious, they want to use new and innovative technology, but they want it to be on their terms, and do the things they need it to do well! Introducing the Doro Watch, a sleek and stylish smart watch that does everything you need it to do – uncomplicated joy.


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Need to know your heart rate? Check your watch. Need to keep an eye on your steps each day? Have a glance at your watch. Expecting a call? Check for a notification. Fallen in the garden and need to ask your son to come and help? Press the Response button on your watch*. Of course, it can also tell you the time – choose from a traditional or digital clock face to suit your preference!

*when paired with a Doro 8100 smartphone.

Track your steps each day or log an activity such as running or cycling for clarity of your fitness goals and movements. You can keep an easy eye on your heart rate or blood oxygen levels at all times. Use the app connecting the watch to your smartphone to see the distance travelled and to increase your targets. If you carry the smartphone with you whilst you exercise, you can also see your route in the universal application.

Set up your watch to get incoming call alerts and message notifications, as well as alarms and calendar entries, directly on your watch. Never miss a call again! The watch can also alert you if you have been inactive for too long, making sure you hit your 10 thousand steps each day.

The Doro Watch can be worn all day, every day! Its IP68 rated meaning it is protected against dust and water, up to an hour at 1.5 metres. No more remembering to remove your watch to wash up or paddleboard!

When connected with the Doro 8100 smartphone (Android 10.0 and later), the watch can be easily connected to the Response by Doro app and can trigger alerts to family or friends should you need help quickly. The watch connects simply by Bluetooth* and will work by triggering an alert on your smartphone to your connected family and friends, and when one accepts the alert, you will be automatically placed on a loudspeaker voice call.

*Doro Watch and Doro smartphone need to be within 10metres, distance varies depending on location ie indoor/outdoor, for the alert to activate.

Use the Doro Companion app on your smartphone (Compatible with Android 6.0 and iOS 9.0 onwards) to track your activities and exercise, steps and distance travelled as well as your night’s sleep and heart rate across the day. The app allows you a larger screen to see the additional details rather than trying to see it all on the watch face. Giving you greater flexibility and control of your health and well-being. All of your data is stored within the watch and app, giving you greater control and integrity.