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Lasse Holm in hammock using a Doro smartphone. Lasse Holm in hammock using a Doro smartphone.

Lasse, 74

Lasse is a busy artist that always has lots going on. His Doro is so easy to use that it actually helped him simplify his lifestyle.

Close-up of Lasse Holm.

“Doro has so many simple and logical tools that helped me learn how to use it.”

Lasse, 74

Musician and entertainer

My wife always tells me to take it easy. But I can’t. I love finding new projects, new adventures and new challenges for myself. But I don’t think that technology should be one of those challenges. Instead, it should help us reach our goals.

I’ve worked in the entertainment business my entire life. I have had a long and wonderful career: from teaching myself how to play piano, to writing songs with Sweden’s premier artists. I even started my own TV-show when I was fifty. These kinds of things don’t happen so often. I’m a busy man and I don’t want to need to spend all my time figuring out how to use my phone. That’s why I like Doro. It’s simple, clear and easy to learn.

Lasse Holm playing golf.

I think smartphones are great. You have everything within reach. You can see everything, contact everyone and discover what you want. It’s fantastic! Doro is so intelligently built. It’s simple for me to navigate. If I get, for example, an idea for a song, it’s so simple to use the phone’s microphone to record the melody or lyrics. That’s a big plus for me.


It’s also good to have when I’m out playing golf with my wife or my friends, and of course taking care of my e-mail and my business when I’m travelling. I really love Doro’s screen. It’s so well structured and clear. The voice-recognition feature is perfect – perfect because I can keep my hands free. Doro helps me keep updated with my job and my family, wherever I am in the world. My life has really been fantastic and I can honestly say that I’ve never enjoyed it more than I do now.

Lasse’s Doro

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