Doro in brief

Doro in brief

Doro makes technology accessible for seniors by developing products and services specifically adapted to seniors’ needs – so they can live better lives! By using smart innovations, Doro enables generations to connect digitally, both at home and when out and about. Our wide portfolio of senior products and services create the possibility for seniors to live active and independent lives whilst ensuring peace of mind.

Market leader

Doro is a leading technology brand for seniors and European market leader in senior mobile phones. A Swedish company with headquarters in Malmö with sales operations in 27 countries.

A growing market

Thanks to better living conditions and medical care, people live longer and more healthier lives than ever. The world’s global life expectancy has doubled in the last 100 years and projections say that by 2050 over 2 billion people will be +60 years. An ageing population is not a negative challenge, quite the opposite, it is an amazing opportunity! But seniors haven’t always been a priority for brands, retailers and consumer companies. Yet the senior segment is likely to represent 60% of all consumption growth in Western Europe, North America and Northeast Asia in the next 15 years, according to McKinsey. This provides unique opportunities for Doro. With its well-recognised and distinct brand, extensive network of patners (operators, distributor and retailers) and strong market leading position, Doro is well equipped to take a foremost role in this development.

What Doro offers

Doro offers in-house, Swedish designed and developed senior mobile products and services to a network of over 300 leading telecom operators, distributers, retailers and specialists. In total, we have sold close to 30 million senior phones with more than 2.5 million sold each year. All devices come with award winning Doro DNA features, such as loud and clear sound that is specifically tuned to seniors’ hearing needs, easy to pick up and hold ergonomics, well-separated keys with high contrast colours and an assistance button for getting help quickly and easily when it is needed the most.