Doro in brief

Doro in brief

Doro is a technology company focused on seniors. We develop services and products for seniors to live independent, fulfilling lives.

Our wide portfolio of security and care solutions digitally connect generations and provide solutions for independent living, both inside and outside the home.

Market leader

Doro is the market leader in social alarms in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom and the global market leader in mobile phones for seniors. Doro is a Swedish company with headquarter in Malmö and sales operations in 27 countries.

A growing market

An ageing population and an increasing incidence of chronic diseases are two of the biggest challenges that Europe faces this century. The addressable European technology enabled care market is expected to grow by around 80 per cent over the next five years, from SEK 24 billion in 2018 to SEK 44 billion in 2024. This provides unique opportunities for Doro, which, with its market position, is equipped to take a leading role in this development.

What Doro offers

Care technology enabled care for digital care in the home; stationary and mobile social alarms, remote monitoring and alarm reception are sold to public actors, the civil society and private companies. More than 310,000 elderly people are connected to Doro's seven alarm receiving centres, where more than 25,000 alarms are handled every day.

Phones in-house developed senior and mobile phones are sold through a network of over 300 telecom operators, distributors, specialists and dealers, mainly in Europe and North America. More than 2.7 million phones were sold in 2019

*Sources: Berg Insight Connected Care in Europe 2019, WHO, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR) and Doro's own estimates