Helping seniors is at the core of our business and our ambition is to be the leading European technology brand for seniors. We want to make sure that seniors are not excluded from the digital world, and by using technology and smart innovations, we want to enable seniors to have active and independent lives – both at home and when out and about living life.


Meaningful everyday life for more seniors


Thanks to better living conditions and medical care,people are living longer and healthier livers than ever before. Projections say that by 2050, over 2 billion people will be +60 years. In addition to longer and healthier lives, seniors have evolving and growing needs in technology with ever-increasing adoption. 

At Doro we will leverage our brand and wealth of experience to serve those needs by expanding into new and innovative products and services for seniors.. Doro will leverage our brand and our wealth of experience to serve those needs, since the ever-increasing adoption of new technology among seniors is a great opportunity for Doro to expand also into adjacent products and services.

With more than 45 years of experience in developing consumer products and services specifically designed for seniors, Doro knows that pain points seniors experience when using technology as well as the joy it can bring to them through use. Having sold close to 30 million senior phones through our extensive network of leading mobile operators, retailers and specialists, seniors and their relatives trust the Doro brand, and know that when they buy Doro, they get easy-to-use, accessible and reliable products. Doro is a premium senior brand, with products packed full of features and Doro DNA, perfect for seniors who want value for the money spent.

In addition to continuing to focus on and strengthen our leading position in senior mobile devices, Doro will leverage our trademark Doro DNA and know-how to expand our range of senior products and services into new innovative categories and portfolios. As part of the new expansion, Doro will henceforth also focus on technology adapted for seniors within home entertainment, smart home solutions, vital signs monitoring, and senior-adapted communication aids. We will also continue to develop our easily accessible safety services such as Response by Doro.

By continue creating well-designed and reliable products and services specifically tailored to seniors and building on our well-recognized and distinctly associated brand, Doro will increase both the attractiveness of the new expanded portfolio as well as the stickiness of our existing mobile products.

For more information about our strategy, see our annual report


Annual Report