Central to our strategy is offering smart technology that enables seniors to live an active, safe and independent life. Our solutions are positive for both seniors and their relatives, as well as benefitting society at large. With an eco-system of intelligent and smart products and services, we create greater security.

Technology-oriented security solutions

In 2017, we updated our strategy in a direction that both meets the market demand for technology-oriented security solutions for seniors and safeguards our internal knowledge and strengths. The key elements of the strategy are to offer integrated total solutions by developing our service offering. These solutions combine Doro’s insights as the market leader in mobile telephony for seniors with our offerings in security and alarm services.

For more information about our strategy, see our annual report


Annual Report

Outlook for 2019 and onwards

In 2019, we will focus on launching and developing our security services in selected countries in Europe. We will continue to work to strengthen and further develop our platform and service offering with the aim of being the leading supplier of technology-oriented security solutions for seniors in Europe.