Helping older people by using technology is at the heart of our business. When we help seniors live an active and independent life, our society benefits.

Meaningful everyday life for more seniors

Doro's ambition is to be the market leader in technology enabled care in Europe. Technology enabled care with increased digitalisation is the answer when the need to provide a safe, active and meaningful everyday life for more seniors is to be combined with overcoming challenges such as increasing cost pressures and safe monitoring of chronic medical conditions.

Vår ambition är att vi kommer in i livet när det behövs en telefon utvecklad för seniorens behov och stannar hos dem livet ut. Under den perioden erbjuder vi teknikorienterade eller liknande lösningar efter deras individuella behov för att se till att de kan leva ett aktivt och självständigt liv.

For more information about our strategy, see our annual report


Annual Report

Widening the scope

Today's and the next generation of telecare overlap with parts of the growing telehealth sector. Technology enabled care that can monitor chronic diseases such as COPD, heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, coronary artery disease or kidney disease can make the care of seniors at home more effective. Doro evaluates services and products that could be relevant within a telehealth offering.

Our own market-leading platform

An important part of Doro's strategy is to establish a new, flexible and modular platform for software and systems. The platform shall collect all Doro's service offers and provide the hub and the common interface for customers and users. Doro has extensive experience in specifying and developing systems, products and service applications for the senior market. We will continue to do so. In order to further broaden our range and increase growth, we will also work with strategic partners.