Board and auditors

Board and auditors 


Lennart Jacobsen
Chairman of the Board

Primary occupation: Board professional
Education: Master of Science Electrical Engineering
Year of election: 2019
Year of birth: 1966
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Chairman of the Board: Qliro AB, Playground Group AB, Board Member: Qliro Group AB, Oryx Holding AB, Swedbank Robur & AB Svensk Exportkredit 
Dependence: Company: No
Owners: No
Previous assignments: Head of Retail Banking, Country Senior Executive and Excecutive VP at Nordea
Own and related party holdings: 10,000 shares

Henri Österlund
Vice-Chairman of the Board

Primary occupation: Managing Partner, Accendo Capital
Education: M.Sc. (econ.), Helsinki School of Economics
Year of election: 2015
Year of birth: 1971
Nationality: Finnish
Other assignments: Founder and Partner Accendo Capital, Board member: Remedy Entertainment Oyj
Dependence: Company: No Owners: Yes
Previous assignments: Board member: Okmetic Oyj, Talentum Oyj, Comptel Oyj, Partner: Conventum Corporate Finance, Triton, Associate: Doughty Hanson
Own and related party holdings: 6,830 shares



Towa Jexmark
Member of the Board

Primary occupation: Head of Innovation, Ramsay Gds
Education: MD, physiotherapy
Year of election: 2019
Year of birth: 1971
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: -  
Dependence: Company:  No Owners: No
Previous assignments:  -
Own and related party holdings: No

Juha Mört 

Member of the Board

Primary occupation: CEO, Innohome Group Oy
Education: MSc (Engineering) from University of Oulu in Oulu
Year of election: 2020
Year of birth: 1972
Nationality: Finnish
Other assignments: Chairman of the Board: Teknos Group
Dependence: Company: No Owners: No
Previous assignments: Juha has a solid background in the telecom industry, where he has held senior positions in Filtronic Wireless Infrastructure, Elektrobit Group, Powerwave Technologies and Prism Microwave
Own and related party holdings: -



Josephine Salenstedt

Member of the Board

Primary occupation: Partner, Rite Ventures
Education: MSc in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics
Year of election: 2018
Year of birth: 1984 
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Member of the Board: Nelly Group, CDON,Paradox Interactive, Chairman of the board: Söder Sportfiske AB
Dependence: Company: No Owners: Yes
Previous assignments: Approximately 15 years of experience from technology and growth companies. Chairman of the Board Skincity Sweden, Member of the Board: Nord Software OY, 24 Media Network
Own and related party holdings: 2, 486,572 shares (Rite Ventures)

Cecilia Ardström
Member of the Board

Primary occupation: CFO of Corpia Group AB
Education: Economics and corporate finance
at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg
Year of election: 2020
Year of birth: 1965
Nationality: Swedish
Other assignments: Board member: Swedish Export Credit Corporation (AB Svensk Exportkredit), Teracom AB and AMF Fonder AB.
Dependence: Company: No
Owners: No
Previous assignments: COO & Head of Risk Management at Folksam asset management and Head of Asset Management at Folksam Group. Head of Group Treasury at Tele2 and CFO/Head of Asset Management at Länsförsäkringar AB.
Own and related party holdings: 1 565 shares


Employee representative

Mona Sahlberg
Born: 1966
Union: Akademikerna
Board since: 2018
Shares: 100 shares

Magnus Willfors

PricewaterhouseCoopers AB
Other assignments: Elanders AB, Carl Bennet AB, Lifco AB, Midway Holding AB, Arise AB and Genovis AB
Born: 1963