UN sustainable developement goals

Doro's contribution to the UN sustainable developement goals


Doro supports the 2030 Agenda and the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development and we take selected goals into account in strategy and in our day-to-day operations. In our work to improve working conditions and to promote and protect human rights and the environment throughout the value chain, the greatest opportunity lies in contributing to the goals in the following areas.


Goal 8. Decent working conditions and economic growth

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We strive to be a stable and responsible employer that offers good working conditions and development opportunities. We actively work on health and safety issues. Through technical improvements and innovation, the company’s focus is towards seniors and their safety, to support our care employees and to reduce increasing costs on society. We do not accept any form of child labour or forced labour.


Goal 10. Reduced inequality

E_WEB_10 - Copie.pngDoro's mission is to create an inclusive society for seniors and people with disabilities. Our employees work for seniors' right to a better quality of life regardless of their individual circum­stances. Our technology enabled care solutions in telecare and mobile phones enable a safer and more independent life and a better quality of life for seniors and people with disabilities. Our services and products provide the opportunity for greater inclusion in society, both socially and financially.


Goal 12. Sustainable consumption and production

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We work to select materials in our products and manufacturing that have good environmental performance throughout their life cycle, from raw materials to recycling. We work to reduce the environmental impact of our transportation and journeys. We are working towards a more circular use of products with a greater emphasis on re-use and recycling. This has been the matter of course within Doro Care especially, where products can be sanitized and parts replaced as necessary.