FirstCall 24/7

February 2021, UK

Doro are delighted to announce a new relationship with Trent and Dove Housing, a provider of housing to clients in Staffordshire, North West Leicestershire and Derbyshire. Through their FirstCall 24/7 service, Trent and Dove have been providing Technology Enabled Care services to older people for nearly 20 years. As part of the arrangement Doro has acquired the assets of FirstCall and will be continuing to support the housing business as they develop and deliver their Older Persons’ Strategy.

Connexus Careline

October 2020, UK

To further expand the reach and strength in the UK market Doro has acquired the assets of the Careline services from Connexus Housing Group. Following a stringent selection process Doro were delighted to be chosen as the preferred provider for Connexus Careline’s Technology Enabled Care Services.


September 2020, Spain

To strengthen its technology platform and increase the possibilities for innovative offerings in technology enable care, Doro has acquired Victrix SocSan (Victrix). The acquisition is in line with the ambition to become a European market leader in technology enabled care, developing new proactive and preventive solutions. With the acquisition of Victrix Doro further strengthens its position as a company in the forefront of technology solutions in the industry


August 2020, UK

In line with its strategic ambition to become a European market leader in technology enabled care, Doro has acquired UK based company Eldercare (UK) Limited. Eldercare is one of the top five technology enabled care services in the UK providing services to local authorities, housing associations, the private sector and charities. The business employs 109 full time equivalent staff and monitors around 50,000 telecare connections, incorporating a wide range of devices as well as providing visiting services, including emergency mobile response.


Invicta Telecare

September 2019, UK

Doro is expanding its services business with the acquisition of UK-based telecare company Invicta Telecare Ltd. (Centra Pulse and Connect) from Clarion Housing Group. Centra Pulse and Connect form one of the top three telecare monitoring services in the UK and are a key provider of out-of-hours contact services for local authorities, housing associations, private businesses and charities, monitoring 106,000 telecare connections and incorporating a wide range of devices. The company has app. 180 full time employees.



May 2018, UK

To expand Doro´s telecare business and strengthen their platform and service revenue, Doro has acquired the UK based telecare company Welbeing, based in Eastbourne, UK. Welbeing is one of the leading telecare companies in the UK. The company services around 75 000 connections from various locations of which 21 000 are private customers. Organic growth has been significant, thanks to strong management and a track record of winning tenders and commercial bids. The number of employees is approximately 180. 



February 2016, Norway

Doro has acquiered, via its subsidiary Doro Care AB, Trygghetssentralen, the largest private social alarm center in Norway. Trygghetssentralen delivers social alarm services to approximately 34 000 users on behalf of 110 municipalities. The company has 68 permanent employees and approximately 60 temporary employees. It is headquartered in Oslo.



December 2014, Sweden

Doro has agreed with Verdane Capital V, a leading Nordic Private Equity fund, to acquire CareTech for an Enterprise Value of SEK 240 million, with expected closing 31 January 2015. CareTech´s solutions and services enable elderly to independently live in their homes longer and safer. The Company has realized a turn-around in 2014 due to its Telecare offering in the Nordics being fully compatible with the newly adopted IP based standards in the sector as well as the alarm central handling 60,000 users on behalf of local municipalities in Sweden and Norway.



July 2013, France

Doro acquires the French software design company Isidor SAS, “Isidor” - a subcontractor of Doro. The acquisition strengthens Doro’s capacity to differentiate in the strategic segment of smartphones, tablets and PCs going forward.

The acquisition price for Isidor, on a cash and debt free basis, amounts to €2.0 million in cash, with a maximum additional payment up to €3.0 million related to achieved results over the next three years.. The acquisition is anticipated to support timely launches of Doro ́s new products, which will support Doro’s earnings for 2013.



May 2013, Germany

IVS has 64 employees and is located in Amberg, Germany. The company was founded in 1991 by Helmut Schweiger, the main shareholder, who will remain as the Managing Director of the company. IVS is the German market leader within senior mobile phones. IVS has been Doro’s main partner and distributor in Germany since 2008 and beside senior mobiles also carries a complimentary product range within niche consumer electronics.

The acquisition will support the growth of Doro products in the retail and web channels. Doro’s existing subsidiary Doro GmbH will continue to focus on telecom operators and care customers.

The acquisition price for IVS, on a cash and debt free basis including maximum additional payment in 2014 and 2015, amounts to €17.6 million. In 2012, IVS sales totalled €33 million, with an EBIT of €3.6 million.


Prylos SAS

July 2011, France

Prylos SAS, which was founded in 2003, is a pioneer in mobile applications for Android phones. Among other things, the company has developed mobile applications for telecom operators. The company, which has since 2010 focused on seniors as its target group, has been chosen by the French government to participate in the development of a mobile application offering comfort, assistance and health services for seniors. Prylos’ revenues from the French market alone amounted to about EUR 1.2 m in 2010. The purchase consideration amounts to EUR 1.35 m.


Birdy Technology SAS

July 2011, France

Birdy Technology, which was founded in 2008, has as its principal product a fixed GSM connection that via the mobile network connects various sensors (fall sensors, wrist alarms, smoke detectors, etc.) with a call center when the sensors are activated. In this way, seniors’ daily lives can be made more secure and comfortable, while their relatives’ concerns are reduced. Birdy Technology’s customers include both private and public tele-assistance companies in France. Net sales for 2011 are calculated at approximately EUR 1.2 m. The purchase consideration for Birdy Technology amounts to about EUR 1.29 m, of which some EUR 0.61 is paid in cash to shareholders who are not operationally active in the company and some EUR 0.68 in the form of 241,543 newly issued shares in Doro transferred to Xavier Corbin in exchange for his shares in Birdy Technology. On the condition that well-defined and significant sales targets are reached over a three-year period, an additional purchase consideration of approximately EUR 460,000 (but maximally EUR 600,000) will be paid.