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Tech as a solution to the silver tsunami

One of the major challenges of our time is an ageing population. Fantastic progress in research and health care have made it possible for us to live longer than ever and we are seeing a steady rise in life expectancy across Europe. However, fewer and fewer people of working age have to care for a growing group of seniors, sometimes called a "silver tsunami".

Tech as a solution

We are convinced that technology has an important, if not a crucial role to play in addressing the societal challenges that we all are facing. Technology enabled care has the capacity to provide cost-effective solutions at a time when demands on health and social care are continuing to increase. A broad implementation of technology enabled care is of great importance to sustain and develop health and social care in the future.

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Our vision at Doro is to help seniors live a better and fuller life, and in doing so we believe that we are also part of the solution

Smart technology for seniors can help our society

The latest projections from the European Commission predict that public spending on long-term care is going to grow faster over the coming decades than corresponding spending on health care. The European Commission underlines the importance of finding more innovative and effective ways to respond to health care and long-term care needs.


To be able to meet the increasing and changing needs effectively and with quality, the care system needs to be more efficient and patient-centred. Across Europe there are different possibilities for access to care, but new technology can enable seniors to obtain the same opportunities for care and safety irrespective of the country in which they live.



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