A responsible business foundation

A responsible business foundation


Governance and organisation

Doro's goal is to work on sustainability in an integrated way in both our strategic and our operational work. Doro's group management has ultimate responsibility for the company's sustaina¬bility work.

Code of conduct

Doro works according to its work environment policy and shall be an attractive workplace and have a work environment where all em¬ployees have good opportunities to devel¬op. Doro offers good career opportunities, terms of employment that are competitive in the respective local markets, as well as interesting job opportunities.


Responsible supply chain 

Doro has long-term partnerships with its suppliers. Suppliers are regularly audited to ensure that they comply with Doro's re­quirements according to the code of con­duct and that they take social and environ­mental responsibility in their activities and fight corruption.


Code of conduct, business ethics and corruption

Doro has absolute zero tolerance to corruption and behaviour that is contra­ry to applicable competition law rules. The starting point for the work is in the company's code of conduct.

Abuses can be re­ported via a whistle-blower function that is provided through Doro's website.


Environmental work in our own operations

In its own activities, Doro endeavours to utilise resources efficiently at all stages. Doro works on the basis of an environmen­tal policy that is followed up annually by group management.

Care operations are environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.