Caring for people

Caring for people


Products and services for increased security and quality of life

Doro's most important contribution to sustainable social development is the company's products and services, which provide an opportunity for seniors and people with disabilities to have a more independent, safer and better life with the aid of technology.


Quality management 

We perform careful and systematic quality controls and follow up and have close dia¬logues with our carefully selected produc-tion partners. We have a certification according to ISO 9001 and have clear pro¬cesses and structures for how to develop and deliver products and services that meet customer require¬ments.


Information security

Doro continuously works on and invests in various measures to ensure the best possible information security in its services, products and IT systems, to be a reliable business partner and to protect the privacy of customers and users.
Doro's alarm receiving centres are certified in accordance with the information security standard ISO 27001, which means that we place high demands on our systematic management of information security. The certification also regulates the protection, processing and secure storage of personal data.