What can I do with google ?

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Searching for information via Google is so common today that many people now use the expression “google it” instead of “look it up.” Google lets you search for information on just about anything you want. And with your Doro smartphone in your pocket, you can now also search whenever you want. As just about everything on the Internet can be found through Google, we thought you might enjoy a few tips on how to optimise your search results.

How to “google”

Go to “My apps” on your Doro smartphone and tap Google. This takes you to a new menu with a selection of apps. Tap Google again to open the Google search app. Tap the white search field to make the keyboard appear.

No need to spell it all out

As soon as you tap the search field a list of your recent searches will appear directly under the search field. That way you can just tap something you want to search again instead of retyping it. Should you instead begin to enter a new search, a list of suggested phrases is shown and updated with every new letter that you type in. If any of these match what you’re looking for there’s no need to continue typing. Just tap the phrase instead.

It makes no difference if you enter upper or lower case letters, even when typing names. As a matter of fact, even if you misspell something Google will ask you if you mean something else or show you a list of results for the correct word.

Good to know

When entering your search, it’s a good idea to keep it short and simple. Use just one or two words and check the list to see if any results seem to match what you’re looking for. You can always add more words or refine your search.

You should also avoid short filler words and focus instead on keywords. For example, you will likely get better results if you type “restaurants manchester" rather than “Are there any good restaurants in Manchester.”

And if the search results you get aren’t quite what you were looking for, don’t give up. The app also provides you with a number of related searches that you will see once you’ve scrolled to the bottom of the results page. You can always check there to see if you can find a better match, or refine your search in the search field.

Weather, flights, accommodations and more

Other useful ways to take advantage of Google on your smartphone include features like getting weather updates for specific places, status updates for specific flights, hours of operation for an office or a store that you need to get to before they close for the day, or maybe a list of recommended places to stay at a seaside destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Try these searches to see how it works: “weather brighton”, “arrivals heathrow”, “tesco st james” and “st ives b&b”.

Search without typing

At the right of the white search field is an icon representing a microphone. Tap it, wait for the word “Listening” to appear on the screen, and then say what you want to search for instead of typing it in. Your search phrase, as interpreted by your smartphone, will then appear on the screen. Maybe your hands are busy doing something else, or you’re out for a walk and don’t want to slow down in order to type. This feature is a great alternative whenever speaking is more convenient than typing, or when you want Google to speak to you instead. Say, for example, that you would like to know the status of a British Airways flight to LA. Just say “British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles” and listen for the reply. Go ahead and try it. It’s a lot of fun!

When do you need Google?

Once you’ve become an experienced “googler” you’ll soon be asking yourself, “When don’t I need Google?” Maybe you’re on your way home and you feel a sudden urge to bake. No cookbook in your bag? No problem! Just swing by the grocery store on your way, pull out your Doro smartphone and use Google to find a delicious recipe complete with a list of ingredients you will need. Or maybe you’re on your way to a certain shop but unsure of the exact address. Just “google” the name of the shop and you’ll see its location pinpointed on a map along with a button for getting directions. No matter what challenges you run into every day, large or small, you can always use the Google app to get quick, helpful answers right on your smartphone.

So get out there and start “googling” everything you’ve ever wanted to know, and then some.

Good luck!