Doro Mission

Doro mission

The business’ foundation and the created value hold up the Doro Mission: Doro makes technology accessible for seniors – so they can live better lives!
By using smart innovations and technology specifically adapted to seniors’ needs, Doro enables generations to connect digitally, both at home and whilst out and about.
Doro’s products and services create the possibility for seniors to live active and independent lives, and ensure peace of mind when it matters the most.


Created value

It is within social sustainability for customers, that Doro has the greatest impact and can really make a difference. This part creates value for users, customers and society alike. Doro's created value is to offer easy-to-use, accessible and reliable products and services specifically designed for seniors, as well as to offer resource efficiency. In this way, Doro ensures the inclusion of seniors in society and reduces from technology and the digital world.

Doro's most important contribution to sustainable development is the company's products and services that provide an opportunity for seniors and the disabled to live more independent, safer and better lives, with the help of technology.

Social sustainability is where we really make a difference!



There must be a solid foundation, with control of the sustainability issues a that all companies and industries must adhere to: work environment, equality, control of suppliers, environmental management, legal issues, etc.

Sustainability is an integral part of Doro’s long-term strategy. Doro's contribution to the UN sustainable development goals are:

  • “Decent working conditions and economic growth”,
  • “Reduce inequality”,
  • “Responsible consumption and production”.

Further, all Doro’s packaging is eco friendly having removed all plastics from gift-boxes. In addition, Doro strives to reduce its CO2 footprint by removing the number of in-box items, such as headsets, USB cables etc.