Products to trust

Products to trust

User value

User analysis and field tests are performed with seniors when developing our new products.
Doro's product development is quality certified according to ISO 9001 and has clear processes for products and services to meet customer requirements, as well as to comply with international and local regulation. Important areas which are addressed are materials used, how waste management and recycling requirements are fulfilled and how products are designed to make them safer and more user-friendly.



Life cycle assessment shows that prolonging the product lifetime is the best thing we can do for the environment. Doro therefore always promotes designs with a long lifetime for its products.

Consequently, the majority of Doro products have replaceable batteries, which prolongs the product life and simplifies repair and recycling.

In addition, we know that 70% of Doro feature phones and 30% of smartphones are used for more than 3 years.

As of 2021, repairability is now considered earlier in the product development process. A good example of this is the new smartphone range which has an "easy to open" design to improve repairability whereas the previous smartphone versions were glued and therefore difficult to open for  repairs.