Doro launches new tablet and smart watch, providing seniors with next-generation tech

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Doro launches new tablet and smart watch, providing seniors with next-generation tech

  • Available for purchase soon, the Doro Watch and Doro Tablet make next-generation tech accessible for the senior generation.
  • Offering a simplified and streamlined experience, the devices empower users to take control of their everyday lives.
  • The Doro Watch features the signature Response button, and the Doro Tablet has TeamViewer capabilities, providing peace of mind for senior users and their circle of care.


London, 2nd September 2022 – Doro, the European market leader in senior mobile phones, today announces an expansion to its portfolio with two new releases: the Doro Watch and Doro Tablet.


Both products will be available to purchase via Amazon UK by November 2022. The Doro Watch will be launched at £120 and Doro Tablet at £300, bundle deals with other Doro products will also be available. The new devices are specially designed to address the evolving demands of senior users. Building on key elements of the Doro DNA, they come equipped with high contrast displays, a simplified navigation interface, and enhanced, HD audio capabilities, adapted specifically for seniors. The devices empower older users to take control of their everyday life.


For added peace of mind, the Doro Watch comes equipped with the signature Doro Response button. When paired with a compatible Doro smartphone* and pressed in an emergency, the button will automatically alert pre-selected loved ones that assistance is required. If paired with an iOS or Android device, pressing the button will activate the ‘Find My Phone’ feature.


Doro Tablet

The intuitively designed Doro Tablet offers seniors a smooth next-generation experience, whilst providing them with unique features that streamline navigation and usability. It has a high-resolution display with large functional icons, and a lightweight, quality build. Its four-speaker surround sound audio creates an immersive viewing experience for users. Also included is a multi-function cradle that makes video calls, watching videos, and surfing the web ergonomic and comfortable.


And with EVA our patented, action-based interface, navigating features on the tablet is far more intuitive. EVA stands for 'Enkel, Vänlig och för Alla', a Swedish phrase that translates to “Easy, friendly and for everyone”. Based on Android, the EVA interface makes using technology even easier. It provides access to the Google Play Store and when downloading apps, such as Zoom and other video calling platforms, they are seamlessly integrated into the menu. The streamlined layout is designed to maximise user experience – everything from sending an email to searching for a photo, navigating through commands and files becomes straightforward.

Through TeamViewer QuickSupport, an app pre-installed on the tablet and Doro phones, loved ones can also access the device remotely, when permitted, to adjust settings and troubleshoot issues, meaning both the senior and their circle of care can rest assured knowing that support is only a few screen (or button) taps away.


Doro Watch

The Doro Watch is designed to inspire and encourage senior users to stay active and nurture their wellbeing. With a unique, simplified navigational display, large icons, and two tactile and textured buttons, the device is ergonomically designed with seniors in mind.


The device comes with activity tracking and health monitoring capabilities built in, allowing users to monitor their step count, workouts, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and more.


Notifications can be set up to notify users of alarms, calls, messages, calendar items and activity targets - supporting seniors in reaching their activity goals and milestones, no matter their fitness levels.


A partner app, named Doro Companion, tracks and displays this information in a convenient and accessible way, and is available to download on both Android and iOS phones, making it accessible to wider users, as well as those using Doro devices.


Peter Marsden, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Doro, said: “Senior tech shouldn’t just be designed to make the older generation’s lives easier; it should empower them to get the most out of every day. We always develop our technology with the senior in mind and strive to help older users increase independence and peace of mind. These two new devices do just this – giving seniors the tools to track their wellbeing, surf the internet, and keep in contact with loved ones, whilst still fitted with our Assistance button added safety features. For these reasons, we’re truly excited to be launching our expanded portfolio, providing our users with accessible next-generation devices.”



  • Doro Watch: £120
  • Doro Tablet: £300


Key features of the Doro Watch

  • Large, 1.28-inch display
  • Tactile, textured buttons
  • Magnetic charging cradle
  • Guided navigation system
  • Tracks calories, steps, heartrate, sleep, and exercise
  • Companion mobile app available on Android and iOS
  • *Signature Doro Response button, works when paired with Doro 8100 (Android 10.0 or later)


Key features of the Doro Tablet

  • Portable, ergonomic cradle included as standard
  • TeamViewer QuickSupport remote assistance app pre-installed, to allow pre-selected loved ones to access settings remotely
  • 4 speakers for loud surround sound
  • Rear 8MP + front 5MP cameras
  • WiFi only device
  • 6000mAh battery to support hours of daily use